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Health Insurance Quotes To Be Determined By Crying Snot-Nosed Republicans


JUNEAU -- To put it mildly, the Republicans, and the health care industry have been little brats; they have kicked and screamed, and thrown themselves down on the floor and cried like snot-nosed babies for more than a week because they don’t like the President’s health care plan. Normally, when a baby throws a temper tantrum, you ignore them until they cry themselves out, and then you put them to bed, but not this time, no. This time the baby cries, and screams, and lies; and we give it a lollypop. Years ago, that baby would get a spanking.

All that crying, and screaming in the town-hall meetings, is not about changing health care; it is about other deep-seeded issues that we need not go into at this time. But no matter, their crying fit has worked, the media, and all of us took notice. We all stopped what we were doing to pay attention to a very bad baby. We have given credit to their behavior, which makes one wonder what kind of parents we have become.

This past weekend, it almost sounded like the president was considering dropping the ’public option’ portion of his health care bill. That was until, taking a cue from the Republicans, the media started screaming, and Democrats began crying, and demanded a public option in the health-care overhaul, saying they would not support a bill without it. It sounds like everyone in Washington has a stinky diaper, and needs a nap. Comment Here :

Many still stand behind the president and the plan for a public option. One Juneau health insurance analyst said, "I refuse to believe the president doesn’t have a clue, as some suggested last night on MSNBC. This must be some kind of trick to make Congressmen declare their position for a public health care option.”

Leaders of a Congressional Caucus sent a letter last night, to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, which said, “To take the public option off the table would be a grave error... passage in the House of Representatives depends on it“, and to add frosting to that cake, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that said ”any legislation that didn’t contain a government plan was ’unacceptable.’”

Republicans oppose the creation of a federal plan, saying it would undercut private insurers and give the government too great a role in health care. Is that what they really mean, or are they protecting their profits? Comment Here::

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said the President would like to include a government-run program as an option for consumers,“ adding, the administration supports “choice and competition.” BLOG THIS: Do you think - ”Omitting the government plan “should be a deal-breaker?” Comment Here is an independent health insurance service - providing low cost health insurance quotes for people in all 50 states, and locations including Juneau, Alaska.

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