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ECHealthInsurance Brings New Florida Health Insurance Tool to Marketplace


Florida health insurance has never been more perplexing for most people as it is right now. Many Floridians are right now expecting an enormous health care reform bill, and at the same time feeling the brunt of a recession that has drained their pockets. This has resulted in more Floridians than ever now without any even basic health insurance. “Many Floridians have heard conflicting news reports from various news agencies and are confused as to what is the actual truth. We have talked to many people that are actually expecting the health insurance reform to take effect immediately and are thus making the incorrect decision to let their health policies just lapse or are not even bothering to apply for free coverage that they might be eligible for from Medicaid or their local county health plan,” says Courtland Twyman Managing Partner at East Coast Health Insurance.

“At we have gone out of our way during these hard economic times to make people aware of the fact that at least 30% of them are eligible for free coverage through these types of plans,” Mr. Twyman continues.

In addition ECHealthInsurance. com has launched a brand new website that takes all of the new Florida health insurance plans and consolidates them into one website giving shoppers the opportunity to see plans from all Florida health insurance companies from the Aetna, Humana, and United plans that have been Florida mainstays, to the new health insurance plans from Avmed, Cigna, and even the new Miami Dade Blue plan for Miami residents. They make it easy for the Florida health insurance shopper to compare all eight of the main medical insurance companies and their quotes, and also offer plan suggestions and company reviews as well. Additionally, they have even broke down every demographic in Florida by age, family size, and zip code and tell the consumers which company offers the most health coverage for the least amount of money and additionally which company offers the best plan without financial consideration.

“Where I feel that we have revolutionized this industry is that we have tailored our website specifically to Florida health insurance shoppers and those without benefits, so whether you are just looking to see if you can get a better quote or you are looking for the local Medicaid office we will be there for you. I am also very proud of the fact that we are the only brokerage in Florida to offer free advice for everyone regardless of income and health issues so that everyone in Florida can get health coverage whether it is free, subsidized, or private. In fact, August is a special month for us as we have declared it our Helping Florida month and we will be donating time and resources to making sure anyone that calls or visits our website gets coverage even if we have to personally drive them to the local county hospital district to apply for benefits,” Twyman said.

Mr. Ehrenthal is so convinced that Florida has been suffering not only from high health insurance premiums, but also from a lack of information. “I keep coming back to this fact, but it is so important that everyone read and understand this, that if you factor in the current recession and resulting job losses, nearly 40% of Florida residents qualify for free benefits that they don’t even know about.!”

Mr. Ehrenthal has a valid point, the 30% figure was based on pre-recession numbers and with South Florida having particular high unemployment due to the housing crises it seems that he might be on to something. Additionally, he has gone on record about health reform which he wholly supports. “I believe we need health insurance reform, our brokerage has seen health insurance premiums rise 40% over the last 4 years and many times I feel embarrassed to tell people the numbers that pop up on my screen when I am running health insurance quotes. However to introduce any new program is ridiculous! We already have a public option called Medicaid which is underfunded and draining our economy if you factor in Medicare, this country will be bankrupt from those two insolvent programs alone within two decades. What needs to be done first, is to get health care costs under control which is very possible, secondly with the money that would be saved just expanding the current programs which are for the most part very efficient, mostly because they are administered locally by Florida hospitals and Florida companies. Why are we considering a third government agency at all when we have failed to control the first two? I wouldn’t even be opposed to a single payer system but no system can function with costs escalating at these rates. Additional Federal agencies are never the solution to anything. Give the states the money to spend on their existing programs. For instance in Palm Beach county Vita health runs a very successful county health plan that I have personally referred friends and family to.”

Whatever the end result of Washington politicking, one thing is certain, the legislation would be years in the future and not helpful to anyone that is needing medical attention. So if you are waiting for this legislation to get a surgery or if you friends or family that have put off important medical procedures, Mr. Twyman wants to personally warn them that they should start looking for answers now not tomorrow. “...and if you live in Florida you at least know that will help point you in the right direction.”


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