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Public Health Insurance Option Could Lower Premiums & Increases Benefits


In a very short while, you will not be turned away from affordable health insurance because you have a pre-existing condition; in a short while, you will have coverage that will not expire if you get cancer, or heart disease, or epilepsy. When the new health care regulations go into effect, you will not have a limit on care, because the new laws regulating health insurance companies will change all that. That is the good news, no matter what happens with the new Public Health Option, we will not be refused health insurance from any company, so thank you Mr. President.

Florida health insurance web, a free health insurance consulting service, published a report covering the new regulation on health insurance companies. You can read more about the report at . The free insurance service said, “Florida health insurance companies will soon provide public health option that, (according to the president) will eventually drive down costs and increase benefits. The president is determined to have a public option included in his bill, saying the addition of a public option is good for consumers.”

House speaker Nancy Pelosi agrees with Obama, speaking at the Capitol about health insurance said, “I think it is pretty clear, that we all want a strong public option in the legislation.” “In the meantime, insurance companies are pulling out all stoppers against the public option.”

The House Speaker also questioned the morality of health insurance companies that oppose a public health option. “It is somewhat immoral, what they are doing…They are the villains in this. They have been doing everything in their power to stop a public option from happening. They can describe their arguments any way they want, but the fact is they don’t want the competition.”

Currently a handful of insurers dominate the health insurance market. That had lead to sky-rocking premiums. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D) N.Y said, “This is the starkest evidence yet that the private health care insurance market is in bad need of some healthy competition…A public health insurance option is critical to ensure the greatest amount of choice possible for consumers.” ---Health Correspondent – Zane Durant


“President Obama seems to be jumping around a little too much with his reform ideas. It started out as comprehensive health care reform. In his latest speech all he spoke to was “health insurance” reform.

I’m starting to think that he realizes health care reform would be impossible; so he is switching his efforts to the reform of health insurance. Maybe he shouldn’t jump into this so quickly demanding such drastic change.

I agree that something needs to be done, but it is impossible at this point to mandate personal behavior modification. 70% of all medical claims in the United States are due to bad behavior and could be considered preventable.

Our problem has been growing since the introduction of the HMO (Health Maintenance Organization). This model gave employees and individuals little or no out of pocket for health care services. In return you needed to see your primary care physician first where they would help in managing your care or preventing unnecessary specialist visits.

Question: What happens, when individuals have little or no out of pocket for health care services? Utilization of insurance and medical claims will rise dramatically. President Obama needs to realize that the major problem with all of the plans that are being presented in congress will increase utilization dramatically.

So, do you think higher utilization of medical insurance will add an increase to health care inflation? Common sense would tell us that would be true. Do we really have the capacity of primary care in the United States to handle another 47 million people going to their physician for various reasons?

Personal responsibility in the form of a government mandate that states individuals must exercise daily and eat properly would be one of the only ways to reduce health care costs. Will that ever happen?

The notion to rationing care of individuals would be the Governments alternative. We all need to take part in this process. Obama should have a progressive plan that should be rolled out over time. This aggressive approach of just buying all of the medical claims for 47 million people doesn’t make much sense to me” – Morgan Moran, Florida health insurance web (


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