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Florida Health Insurance Reports on Republican Scare Tactics


Republican leaders are doing everything they can to slow down the new health care option. Senator John Boehner (R) OHIO, said, “he doesn’t know of any doctor who approves the president’s health insurance plan” but, “that is not true”, a Florida health insurance broker Morgan Moran, said “The truth is, the AMA has backed the Obama’s plan, and believe it or not, they are doctors!”

The Democrats want better health care for you, and their counterparts, believe that changing things would be bad; bad for consumers, bad for care, even bad for seniors. So they are doing everything they can to scare you into thinking today’s health care situation is good.


The bill is moving ’too fast’, one Republican memo, leaked to the mainstream press said, “The only way to defeat this bill is to ’slow it down’. Insurance specialist Moran, speaking from his Jacksonville office, agreed saying, ”I agree that something needs to be done“... but, ”He [OBAMA] shouldn’t jump into this so quickly - demanding such drastic change".

Senior members of the Republican Party have chosen Bush style ’scare tactics’ to get their position across, like Mitch McConnell, a Republican from Kentucky. McConnell knows that seniors might be worried how this new health insurance bill might affect their Medicare, so McConnell threw this line into his latest speech on healthcare. He said, “The president is going to get his health care plan passed, even if it means sticking it to seniors with cuts to Medicare"

Florida health insurance web, a free health insurance service, checked the facts, and reports, “That too is not true; this new insurance plan will not cut Medicare coverage, just its wasteful spending.”

A recent article published in the Health Insurance Journal, centered on fear; and how lawmakers are using that potent emotion, to eliminate the new health care bill.

The article said, “health insurance companies are afraid of changing, so they are spending millions of dollars to scare you into keeping the status quo.” They know once a new public option is on the market, they will have to lower rates, and increase benefits in order to compete. “They just see their profits slipping away, and that why they are trying to block this.”

“Doctors are afraid of changing things, because they are going to have to adjust their pricing, or compete with cheaper, state funded clinics; they see their three day week turning into a full time job, and they are really afraid of that!”

“Lawmakers are afraid, their cash cow, the insurance industry, will dry up, so everyone is afraid - everyone but the 47 million citizens without coverage, or the rest of us who pay 200 times more that we should for coverage.”

Moran, said, a lot of the problem with this health insurance debate is, “the members don’t even understand what’s in it,” they are “not exactly sure what this is about, and they’re not really sure whether they like it or not.” -- Health Correspondent Zane Durant


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