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Leading European XR Companies Partner to Empower 3D Collaboration

Hololight and MATSUKO are entering into partnership to advance the realtime spatial experiences

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3D collaborative holographic meeting
3D collaborative holographic meeting

Two European leaders in extended reality (XR) technology, MATSUKO and Hololight, are excited to announce their partnership. By combining MATSUKO’s holographic remote collaboration application with Hololight’s XR streaming platform and technology, they aim to enhance 3D collaboration experiences using XR technology in B2B use cases across industries. This collaboration aims to transform the landscape of 3D collaborative meetings in industry, including construction, manufacturing, automotive, and beyond.

Hololight: The most powerful enterprise XR streaming platform

Hololight is at the forefront of XR technology, specializing in enterprise XR software, infrastructure, and streaming technology to visualize and work with industrial 3D data. The company’s Hololight Hub XR streaming platform ensures that the management and deployment of augmented and virtual reality applications is not only secure, but also seamless, regardless of scale. Hololight’s proprietary XR streaming technology eliminates the need for data preparation, enabling high-quality visualization of even the most intricate 3D models. As a result, users in fields such as automotive, manufacturing, aerospace, and construction can dynamically explore these complex designs together, leading to better collaboration and project refinement.

MATSUKO: Connecting people as holograms in real time spatial meetings

MATSUKO, the world’s first spatial computing holographic app, is revolutionizing the way people communicate and collaborate remotely. Leveraging patented single-camera technology, MATSUKO streams realistic 3D holograms of individuals in real-time, creating an unparalleled sense of presence and connection. Unlike any other solution, MATSUKO’s holographic experience transcends physical boundaries, allowing users to interact seamlessly from anywhere. To experience the future of communication, visit MATSUKO’s website.

MATSUKO’s breakthrough technology merges the virtual and physical worlds, enabling users to engage in lifelike interactions. With just a single camera, MATSUKO delivers real-time holographic presence. Whether in virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR), users experience the feeling of being physically present with others, fostering collaboration and connection.

The company’s commitment to pushing boundaries sets it apart in the holographic space. Leading telcos have chosen MATSUKO as their preferred holographic solution for 5G networks. As the world transitions to faster and more reliable connectivity, MATSUKO is at the forefront of this transformative shift. In 2023 MATSUKO successfully conducted the first live transatlantic collaborative meeting connecting multiple holographic people in Canada, the US and the UK using 5G and multi-access edge computing (MEC) technology.

“Holographic communication is not just a technology—it’s a catalyst for teamwork and innovation. Our mission is to be human-centric, to fill in the missing element in video conferences by enabling spaces where lifelike connection and creativity thrive,” says Maria Vircikova, CEO of MATSUKO.

Partnership to empower industries, starting with automotive and construction

MATSUKO is a creator of realistic holographic communication technology that enables immersive face-to-face interactions over long distances. By filling in the missing element in video conferences—our presence—MATSUKO allows users to be anywhere, in real-time, without the need for travel. This holographic communication brings people closer, enhances the productivity of design teams, and improves collaboration and relationships.

By leveraging the Hololight Hub infrastructure and integrating Hololight’s XR streaming technology, MATSUKO users will benefit from seamless streaming of high-fidelity 3D objects, such as buildings, into the collaborative space. This not only enhances the immersive experience, but also enables more dynamic and detailed exploration of complex designs. Together, these technologies provide a revolutionary platform for industries to visualize, discuss and refine their projects in an unprecedented way.

If your company is already harnessing the power of VR, jump into the MATSUKO Early Access program to experience the latest innovative solutions firsthand.

“MATSUKO’s leadership in holographic communication technology is incredibly exciting for remote collaboration applications. The ability to seamlessly visualize 3D content is one of the most critical aspects, and streaming technology is the perfect solution. We’re thrilled to be working with MATSUKO to bring this capability to life. Our streaming platform and technology allow users to visualize complex 3D content in AR and VR without any data preparation, making it an ideal solution for immersive collaborative meetings,” says Florian Haspinger, CEO of Hololight.

“Direct feedback from our clients, particularly in industries like construction and automotive, highlights the critical need for secure and high-quality sharing of 3D objects during collaborative meetings. Our partnership with Hololight is positioned to deliver substantial benefits to our mutual clients, addressing these crucial needs directly,” says Matus Kirchmayer, CTO of MATSUKO.

More details at AWE USA 2024

This partnership marks a significant milestone in the XR industry, demonstrating a commitment to driving innovation and excellence. By joining forces, MATSUKO and Hololight aim to set new standards in 3D collaborative meetings, offering clients a powerful tool to visualize, design, and communicate more effectively.

The details of this exciting collaboration will be further unveiled at AWE 2024 USA. This event, renowned for showcasing the latest advancements in augmented and virtual reality, will provide a platform for MATSUKO and Hololight to demonstrate their joint capabilities. We look forward to revealing more about how our partnership will benefit our clients and drive the future of 3D collaboration.

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