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Targeted Media Distribution - Starting at $95 per submission

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Narrowly distribute your press releases directly to targeted reporters, editors, broadcast producers and publications based upon your editorial content; all powered by PR Newswire, the worldwide leader in media relations and focused press release distribution.

For example, if your press release is about "advertising services", then it will be delivered to media that report on "advertising services" or if your news concerns the automotive industry, then the automotive press will get the release within 1 or 2 business days (M – F).

On behalf of WebWire, PR Newswire, the most credible press release service, maintains very close relationships with reporters and editors at leading trade publications, newspapers, magazines and broadcasters. They determine the preferred method each would like to receive press releases (email, syndication, journal, fax, etc.) and proceed to deliver your news to them within your well written press release.

The media contacts are carefully maintained by PR Newswire staff and are as up to date as possible. WebWire´s Targeted Media Distribution goes way beyond any available media list. Your publicity efforts will be part of a process whereby the recipients trust that the content is worthy of their attention because it comes from PR Newswire, a trusted name, and delivered in a manner that is agreeable to the participating media.

Targeted Media Distribution Compared To Wire Service Distribution

Targeted Media Distribution is a narrowly focused press release distribution strategy that reaches out to topic specific media and media outlets (mostly trade publications and reporters), while Wire Service Distribution provides a broadly aimed publicity effort (mostly general media and weeklies, dailies and broadcasters).

In most cases, Wire Service Distribution delivers your press release to a greater number of media outlets via established wire services directly into their centralized newsroom operation. What this means, you reach more publications, but less topic specific media.

So carefully consider both options: Targeted Media Distribution for a narrow approach for reaching topic specific media, and Wire Service Distribution to broadly reach weeklies, dailies, periodicals, online, broadcasters, etc.

Wire Service Distribution - Starting at $235 per submission
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Trust your release to the most respected name in press release distribution, most regularly accessed, and viewed as the most credible, by journalists (Bulldog Reporter).

  • For more than 50 years, the originator and leader in press release distribution.
  • NEVER a membership fee.

News providers such a Reuters and the Associated Press are commonly known as "wire services". What that means is that they utilize proprietary means to deliver their content to paid subscribers. Be it satellite, terrestrial, cable or telephonic; these ‘wire services” deliver their news directly into newsrooms and to reporters workstations.

WebWire´s "wire service" partner is PR Newswire, the world leader in press release distribution. It is their relationships, technology and "wire service" connectivity that gets your press release to thousands of established media points, such as The Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones, Reuters, Associated Press, Bloomberg, The New York Times, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Dallas Morning News, The Boston Globe, The Miami Herald, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Chicago Sun-Times, and San Francisco Chronicle.

WebWire and PR Newswire help create visibility for your news release by making it accessible in the locations where the media go to get raw material for their stories.

News releases distributed by PR Newswire are delivered directly into the central editing computers at daily newspapers, newsweeklies, national news services, trade publications, and broadcast newsrooms, such as Newsweek, Time, Business Week, Forbes, Fortune, InfoWorld, eWeek, Wards AutoWorld, Variety, People, Rolling Stone, New Yorker, Car & Driver, Conde Nast Traveler, Oil & Gas Journal, Health Magazine, CNN, ABC News, ABC News, CBS News, Fox News, CNBC, and MSNBC.

In addition to WebWire media registrants, your release will reach more than 80,000 journalists registered within PR Newswire’s award winning "media-only" Website.

All releases are included in over 4,000 Web sites, databases and online services such as Yahoo!, AOL, CBS Marketwatch, Excite, Factiva, and Lexis-Nexis where they are accessible by millions, including journalists, investors and general consumers.

It is easy to increase visibility by using WebWire as your Wire Service press release distribution resource because your news is intermingled alongside releases from high profile companies when delivered by PR Newswire.

Your press release will be distributed within one (1) business day (M – F) *

Note: The Press Release must be verified verbally by WebWire before it will be distributed so ensure that your contact data is accurate.

With every release sent via PR Newswire, you receive:

  • Free! Editorial assistance to help spot errors.
  • Distribution to relevant Industry trade publications.
  • Distribution to over 4,000 Websites, News Portals and databases.
  • Free! ReleaseWatch™ reports with links to your release on up to 20 Web sites, sent to the contact's email.

When utilizing Wire Service Distribution, consider how Target Media Distribution would complement your attempts to reach the media. View Wire Service as a broadcast effort, and Targeted Media as a focused and deliberate strategy.

* The Press Release must be verified verbally by WebWire before it will be distributed so ensure that your contact data is accurate. * Distribution times are after the release contact´s telephone validation with WebWire´s editorial staff.

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