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WebWire was created in 1995 by Michael Schwartz, entrepreneur and then president of a USA based communications company offering contract services for Coca-Cola, UPS, General Electric, just to name a few.

Begun as an experiment, WebWire moved online in 1998 as proof that the early Internet could support sophisticated databases (Mac based 4D systems) with the resulting service delivering press releases to early Internet users. These efforts were fueled by the prospects of some day providing options to the costly duopoly then held by Businesswire and PR Newswire.

“In late 1983, I was just out of college and I worked for Knight-Ridder Newspapers on a joint venture with AT&T known as Viewtron. It was when CompuServe commanded attention on the primitive Internet,” begins Michael Schwartz, founding partner at WebWire. “That exposure to this early online environment stuck with me,” he adds.

In late 1998, WebWire caught the attention of a global news organization based in New York City. WebWire contracted with them to help deliver online messaging to their many affiliates, a solution that eventually reduced their costs related to a service provided by the Associated Press (AP).

“Our contract efforts helped us to perfect WebWire. We recognized how news and public relations were being delivered over this ‘thing’ called the Internet and bypassing traditional methods,” Schwartz continues. “It was easy to see that this public connectivity could be converted to serve commercial needs,” he concludes.

In the early 2000s, the Internet was pre-bubble and growing at a wild pace while early online news release and press release distribution services like WebWire were becoming a cornerstone of online marketing. WebWire reorganized in 2003 as a freestanding corporation and continues leading the way in this essential part of modern day marketing.

Since early 2004, WebWire content is fully indexed by the major search providers (Google, Bing and Yahoo) and has been seamlessly integrated into news aggregation efforts that include the earliest emergence of Google News.

WebWire is a leading online news release and press release service provider at www.webwire.com. Its WebPost® and WebRelese® offerings are essential when organizations, companies and individuals need to associate words and phrases that describe their efforts, with their URL (Internet address). Additionally, WebWire offers traditional press release distribution direct to the media.

WebWire administration is based in Atlanta, Georgia USA with technology originating in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Operations are generally 24 hours, 7 days as week, but exceptions may include technical maintenance and select major North American holidays.

WebWire®, WebPost® and WebRelease® are registered trademarks licensed to Warmtone Corp., the technical service provider for WebWire.

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