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High Tech Security

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Carbanak and Beyond: Banks Face New Attacks
Carbanak and Beyond: Banks Face New Attacks
2/8/2016 10:04:42 AM
A year after Kaspersky Lab warned that cybercriminals would start to adopt the tools and tactics of nation-state backed APTs in order to rob banks, the company has confirmed the return of Carbanak as Carbanak 2.0 and uncovered two more groups working in the same style: Metel and GCMAN. They attack financial organizations using covert APT-style reconnaissance and customized …
24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Services are Now Available in the Austin, TX Area
2/7/2016 10:11:52 AM
As the population of the Austin area continues to grow, so does the demand for reliable locksmith services. A new locksmith service that is designed to deal with any type of automotive locksmith situation is now opening - Slim Jim Locksmith Pros . What they have to offer is a complete locksmith service that is both dependable and professional. All their services are ready to …
DDoS Attacks: 2015 Results
DDoS Attacks: 2015 Results
2/5/2016 9:21:06 AM
2015 Q1 (January, February, March) appeared to be the most hot quarter among the others. During this period 14,321 attacks have been detected. The most replete with attacks month is January: 6,102 attacks. Number of powerful attacks (over 100 Gbps): 111. Number of extremely powerful attacks (over 200 Gbps): 12. Comparing to the previous year the number of powerful attacks …
Ransomware: Crypto Locker and Cryptowall. Are You Protected? Download CCS’ White Paper
Ransomware: Crypto Locker and Cryptowall. Are You Protected? Download CCS’ White Paper
1/19/2016 12:46:25 PM
Clare Computer Solutions (CCS), a professional services firm providing IT solutions for companies in the San Francisco Bay area since 1990, has outlined ways to mitigate the risks of Ransomware in a white paper.   Ransomware, such as Crypto Locker or Cryptowall, has recently stepped out of the shadows and has been featured on several news programs. It has seen a 165%* …

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