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More Global Topographic Data to Aid Climate Change Research
More Global Topographic Data to Aid Climate Change Research
1/26/2015 10:34:38 AM
Improved global topographic (elevation) data are now publicly available for most of Asia (India, China, southern Siberia, Japan, Indonesia), Oceania (Australia, New Zealand), and western Pacific Islands. See diagram below for geographic coverage.    Similar data were previously released by USGS for most of Africa (in September 2014) and the Western Hemisphere (December).  …
Dow Partners with the American Chemical Society to Improve Chemistry Teaching Throughout North America
1/23/2015 11:31:42 AM
The Dow Chemical Company (Dow) and the American Association of Chemistry Teachers (AACT) are partnering to invigorate chemistry education and support STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education in the nation’s schools. Dow and AACT will work together to convene a series of teacher summits and create more than 750 lesson plans, multimedia resources, …
“Path Ahead” E-Magazine On Human Resources And Education Has Been Launched
1/23/2015 11:12:53 AM
An informative website focusing on education and careers has been providing information on education and careers across a wide range of industries both national and international. Following the excellent support and user’s esponse, the information website has been receiving for their incisive news and articles on education and careers, they have launched …
Chicago, Philadelphia Teens Get Summer Jobs and Environmental Education As Exelon Foundation, Student Conservation Association Renew Partnership
1/23/2015 11:09:14 AM
More than 250 underserved high school students in Chicago and Philadelphia will enhance local parks, gain important career skills and earn a paycheck through an acclaimed summer jobs program conducted by the Student Conservation Association (SCA) and funded by the Exelon Foundation. The $150,000 grant announced today brings the Exelon Foundation’s total investment in local …
Vernon Jordan calls for renewed hope, meaningful action at the 25th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Breakfast
1/22/2015 10:41:29 AM
Vernon E. Jordan, renowned civil rights leader, presidential advisor, attorney and business leader, delivered the keynote address at the 25th annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday breakfast on the theme “Infinite Hope, Meaningful Action.” In his remarks to a sold-out audience at the Minneapolis Convention Center, Jordan said: “Today we celebrate the legacy of Martin …
Key factor discovered in the formation of metastases in melanoma
1/22/2015 8:58:36 AM
Melanoma, the most aggressive of all skin cancer strains, is often fatal for patients due to the pronounced formation of metastases. Until now, a melanoma’s rampant growth was mainly attributed to genetic causes, such as mutations in certain genes. However, researchers from the University of Zurich now reveal that so-called epigenetic factors play a role in the formation of …
Plant Pure Nation Selects Kelli Marcum as Student Liaison
1/22/2015 8:00:00 AM
Nelson Campbell, CEO of Plant Pure Productions (, announced on January 20, 2015, that Kelli Marcum has been selected to be student liaison for Plant Pure Nation. Plant Pure Nation is an organization and a film promoting worldwide health through nutrition. “Kelli has the necessary skills and passion to develop this program on campuses in the United …
Northwood University Receives ACBSP Accreditation for Its Business Programs
1/21/2015 11:05:04 AM
The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) Baccalaureate/Graduate Degree Board of Commissioners has awarded Northwood University in Midland, Michigan, accreditation of its business programs. Established in 1988, ACBSP is the only organization offering specialized business accreditation for all degree levels, from associate to baccalaureate to doctoral …
London Stock Exchange Group and City Gateway launch new financial apprenticeship scheme
1/20/2015 3:58:11 PM
London Stock Exchange Group has partnered with London based charity, City Gateway, to launch a new scheme to help young people, aged 16-24 years old, take part in apprenticeships in the financial services industry. The ‘Gateway to the City’ initiative will pioneer a new pathway into the sector, by providing participants with year long apprenticeships and training at both …
Yale Undergraduate picks Wall Street Survivor as Investment Education Platform
Yale Undergraduate picks Wall Street Survivor as Investment Education Platform
1/20/2015 12:17:46 PM
YUDI will use Wall Street Survivor’s newly launched finance and investing courses, engage with Wall Street Survivor’s leadership team, and partake in Wall Street Survivor’s proprietary stock games , to help the Yale student body gain a stronger foothold on how to invest in stocks and learn about the importance and fundamentals of personal finance. “We are delighted to …
Elsevier Celebrates International Year of Light 2015 through its Collaboration in the Production of Documentary Film: Einstein’s Light
1/20/2015 12:09:21 PM
Elsevier , a world-leading provider of scientific, technical and medical information products and services, announces its collaboration in the film production of Einstein’s Light which was first presented yesterday at the Opening Ceremony of the International Year of Light 2015 (IYL2015 ) held at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris. Einstein’s Light explores how scientific …
Artist Darren Waterston Recreates Iconic Peacock Room as a Magnificent Ruin at the Smithsonian’s Sackler Gall
1/20/2015 10:41:55 AM
“Filthy Lucre,” an immersive interior by painter Darren Waterston, reimagines James McNeill Whistler’s famed Peacock Room , a sumptuous 19th-century dining room and icon of American art, as a magnificent ruin, literally overburdened with its own materials, creativity and tortured history. Opening May 16, at the Smithsonian’s Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, the room is the …
Government of Canada announces investment for university, college research overhead
1/20/2015 10:17:44 AM
The Honourable Ed Holder, Minister of State (Science and Technology), today announced significant investments through the Research Support Fund to support university and college overhead costs. Through this fund, the University of Alberta will receive significant investment to support world-class research that pushes the boundaries of knowledge and creates jobs and growth. …
Kodak Continues its Longstanding Support of Independent Filmmakers
1/20/2015 10:12:05 AM
Kodak will once again support the independent filmmaking community at the Slamdance and Sundance Film Festivals, which run concurrently in Park City, Utah, beginning Jan. 21. At Slamdance, the inaugural KODAK Director’s Award will be presented on Jan. 29 during the festival’s awards ceremony. The winner, who will be chosen by a jury of Slamdance judges, will receive a KODAK …
Shaqir Hussyin’s Elite Student -Sajjad Rahman Launches Milionaire Mindset Academy
Shaqir Hussyin’s Elite Student -Sajjad Rahman Launches Milionaire Mindset Academy
1/19/2015 9:00:00 PM
Shaqir Hussyin’s Elite Student -Sajjad Rahman Launches “Millionaire Mindset Academy” “I was encouraged by Shaqir to start my own coaching, as he felt i was ready to teach others what i have mastered from him so far” Sajjad Rahman a platinum member of MOBE, also an exclusive member of the prestigious SHIC -Shaqir Hussyin’s Inner Circle. Today we have a unique insight …
Carnegie Mellon, Weizmann Institute Researchers Discover
Carnegie Mellon, Weizmann Institute Researchers Discover "Idiosyncratic" Brain Patterns in Autism
1/19/2015 6:36:01 PM
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has been studied for many years, but there are still many more questions than answers. For example, some research into the brain functions of individuals with autism spectrum have found a lack of synchronization (’connectivity’) between different parts of the brain that normally work in tandem. But other studies have found the exact opposite — …
New Microsoft Office 365 open source integration with Moodle transforms education technology
1/19/2015 11:08:35 AM
Microsoft Open Technologies Inc. ( MS Open Tech ), a subsidiary of Microsoft Corp., together with leading Moodle partner Inc ., on Monday announced integration between Moodle and Microsoft Office 365, bringing a more productive experience to teachers and students by harmonizing login credentials, calendar management and course content creation, in …
New study finds that closing your eyes boosts memory recall
New study finds that closing your eyes boosts memory recall
1/16/2015 9:19:54 AM
The team also discovered that building a rapport with witnesses helped them to remember more. 178 participants took part across two studies. In the first experiment, participants watched a film depicting an electrician entering a property, carrying out jobs and stealing items. Each participant was then randomly assigned one of four conditions, either eyes closed or open, and …
Three nearly Earth-size planets found orbiting nearby star
Three nearly Earth-size planets found orbiting nearby star
1/16/2015 9:02:36 AM
NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope, despite being hobbled by the loss of critical guidance systems, has discovered a star with three planets only slightly larger than Earth. The outermost planet orbits in the “Goldilocks” zone, a region where surface temperatures could be moderate enough for liquid water and perhaps life to exist. The star, EPIC 201367065, is a cool red M-dwarf …
EBSCO and MEDCOM Sign Reseller Agreement
EBSCO and MEDCOM Sign Reseller Agreement
1/15/2015 11:28:50 AM
A new agreement will allow EBSCO Health to resell a nursing education resource from MEDCOM Inc . A leader in nursing education for more than 50 years, MEDCOM produces online healthcare training courses designed to give nursing students, allied health students and nurses access to the latest nursing content. MEDCOM produces highly-regarded videos to help educate nurses and …