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“Unlimited Possibilities” Is Now Free on Amazon for the Next 5 Days
9/22/2014 6:00:00 AM
Robert Szentes brings you his first book, “ Unlimited Possibilities: Forever change your destructive beliefs to break free from your past and live the life of your dreams ”. This book is a transformational guide to emotional freedom and how to take control of our own lives. Understanding the world around and participating in it fully while recognizing patterns that have been …
Data Published Online in The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry Show Long-Term Benefit of Non-Drug NeuroStar TMS Therapy® in Patients with Treatment Resistant Depression
9/16/2014 1:00:00 PM
Malvern, Pennsylvania, September 16, 2014 – Neuronetics, Inc., today announced that results of a study designed to assess the long-term effectiveness of  NeuroStar TMS Therapy in adult patients with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) who have failed to benefit from prior treatment with antidepressant medications, were published online in The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry. …
Biopharma’s Premier Cloud-based and Mobile Sales-force–focused Decision Support Tool Now Available
Biopharma’s Premier Cloud-based and Mobile Sales-force–focused Decision Support Tool Now Available
9/9/2014 8:00:00 AM
Yardley, PA — September 9, 2014 — Breaking new ground in the deployment of technology for field-based life sciences teams, Publicis Touchpoint Solutions announced today the commercial availability of the industry’s premier sales-force–focused decision support tool that is both cloud-based and mobile : T-App™. T-App delivers anytime , anywhere , and any-data decision …
Gemalto Unveils the Most Comprehensive Hub Service to Accelerate the Roll-out of Mobile Payment and other Secure Services on Mobile
9/8/2014 4:55:51 PM
Gemalto (Euronext NL0000400653 GTO), the world leader in digital security, today introduces its Allynis Trusted Services Hub , a turnkey business service that enables financial institutions, enterprises, transport operators and more generally all digital service providers to benefit from a single connection in order to securely deploy their value-added and mobile payment …
Barclays first in UK to launch new Biometric Reader for customers
Barclays first in UK to launch new Biometric Reader for customers
9/5/2014 7:49:48 PM
Barclays, in partnership with Hitachi Europe Ltd. is ramping up the fight against fraud with the launch of the Barclays Biometric Reader, developed with Hitachi’s Finger Vein Authentication Technology (VeinID*) - a new, ground-breaking method for customer authentication in UK banking. By simply scanning their finger, customers will be able to easily access their online bank …
Agilent Technologies Introduces Tools for Next-Generation Genome Engineering
9/4/2014 11:20:40 AM
Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today introduced SureGuide , the first in a new series of kits to advance genome editing and synthetic biology. The complete SureGuide workflow includes a SureGuide Cas9 Nuclease Kit, SureGuide gRNA Synthesis Kit and SureGuide gRNA Control Kit, all designed to work together for any lab interested in quickly enabling next-generation genome …
What Does a Naturopath Do? Perth Naturopath and Herbalist Reveals How Alternative Therapies Helped Heal his Body and Change His Life
8/27/2014 3:46:57 AM
PERTH, Australia August 2014 – When Shannon Burford left Australia as a young person in his twenties to travel the world, he had no idea he would return home a broken man, fighting the symptoms of typhoid and dysentery and struggling through the pain and discomfort of thyroid growths and digestive infections. After losing a lot of strength and weight in the battle, Shannon …

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