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Donít Buy A Stun Gun Until You Read This


A stun gun is a great way to have a line of defense with you. They are designed to cause temporary damage, allowing you time to get to safety if you need. Here are a few things to keep in mind about stun guns.

What Is A Stun Gun?

A stun gun is a small battery operated device that generates a high voltage electrical charge. They are designed to temporary incapacitate an attacker without causing any long term damage. Our body relies on electrical impulses for each action we take, a stun gun is designed to Ďinterruptí that function. The attacker who has been stunned will be unable to move or do anything for a few minutes. This will give you valuable time to get out of harms way and call for help.

Is A Stun Gun Easy To Use?

Yes. Stun guns donít require any specialized training to use. They generally have an on/off switch and a safety. Once the gun is turned on and the safety is disengaged, you can shock your attacker with ease. You donít have to worry about being stunned yourself even if you touch your attacker after the gun has been used. Since stun guns are designed to deliver a minimal amount of electrical current, they do not generally cause permanent damage when used correctly.

Are Stun Guns Easy To Carry?

Yes. You can purchase stun guns that are small enough to fit inside a purse or bag. If you opt for a larger model you can purchase holsters that clip directly on your belt to carry them easily. Since most of them have both an on/off switch and a safety you donít need to worry about engaging it when itís holstered or in your bag.

Are Stun Guns Legal To Carry?

Yes and no. You need to check with the area you live in. Some states have restrictions, and some cities have their own ordinances regarding stun guns. Hereís a basic list, but again, be sure to check your local and state laws before purchasing a stun gun.

Stun guns cannot be purchased in these states:

Or these cities:

Can I Travel With Stun Guns

Itís best to check your stun gun with any luggage if you are traveling. You will not be allowed in the airport or on the plane with a stun gun.
There are other circumstances in which leaving your stun gun behind may be necessary. Any federal buildings will disallow stun guns. State and local courthouses and government offices and buildings will also not allow you to enter them with a stun gun. Sporting events, any place with a large gathering of people, and a lot of public places will also not allow a stun gun. Be sure to check all signage and remove your stun gun if you are going to one of these events or places.

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