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The Centre for Pain Relief New Website Offers Fibromyalgia Pain Breakthrough 21st Century "Smart" Medications and Information for Fibromyalgia Treatment.


Burlington, NJ -- June 5, 2009 -- Before you invest time and money on narcotic solutions for your Fibromyalgia pain, visit The Centre for Pain Relief Fibromyalgia Website when you need Fibromyalgia Treatment that works or if you are a physician seeking fibromyalgia treatment products that work for fibromyalgia pain.

The Centre for Pain Relief offers the best course of action for non-narcotic solutions but also Information on the 21st Century “Smart” Medications that effectively treat fibromyalgia pain.

According to The Centre, through extensive research, they have identified and successfully tested 21st century “smart” non-narcotic medications that work on fibromyalgia pain.

The Centre provides fibromyalgia treatment breakthrough products with fewer side-effects than either pills or shots.

As Jolie Adams, Seattle, WA shares: “I have to admit, I tried your ”smart“ non-narcotic products pretty much out of desperation, having tried so many other topical creams; narcotic pain killers; and even an anti-convulsion for my fibromyalgia pain. Everything I have tried had been ineffective and with several of them, I experienced extremely unpleasant side effects. I visited the Centre’s fibromyalgia website and purchased Menastil and Tramaden. Menastil began working within 10 minutes and Tramaden helps to sustain my pain relief on a day to day basis. With these two products, my fibromyalgia pain is almost under control. This is after enduring years of extreme pain and discomfort without any help from anyone including my ”physician“. I simply can’t tell you how grateful I am”.

And from the University of Michigan this statement, "We think that one of the primary abnormalities in fibromyalgia is an imbalance between the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain that affect pain sensitivity. With this knowledge, new treatments are being developed to combat the condition’s symptoms. “Although right now there are no drugs approved to treat fibromyalgia, within three years it it’s likely that there will be three, if not four, drugs specifically approved to treat the condition,” explains Daniel Clauw, M.D., director of the U-M Chronic Pain and Fatigue Research Center.

One very important aspect of these new product efficacy discoveries about fibromyalgia pain has to do with a process called sensitization. Sensitization explains why specific narcotic pain relief medicines often directed at fibromyalgia pain relief have to date only provided no benefit or limited benefit.

Although the neurobiology of sensitization is complex, the basic idea behind it is straightforward. When pain signals are transmitted from injured or diseased tissues, these signals can then activate (sensitize) pain circuits in the peripheral nervous system, spinal cord and brain.

The process of sensitization can be compared to the volume control on a stereo, amplifying and sometimes distorting the pain message. The result is a painful condition that is severe and out of proportion such as with fibromyalgia for most sufferers.

Sensitization may affect all regions of a person’s nervous system that process pain messages, including the sensing, feeling and thinking centers of their brain. When this occurs, fibromyalgia pain occurs in various points on and within the body and may well be associated with emotional and psychological suffering.

The key to effective and sustainable fibromyalgia pain relief is to reach agitated nerves causing them to relax to allow blood and oxygen to once again flow and effectively cut-off the pain signal to the spinal cord and therefore to the brain. “Smart” medications are the answer to relaxing agitated nerves.

The Centre for Pain Relief new e-book"How to Deal with Your Pain” is available for FREE on their website at the following link:

Specific answers to questions about “Smart” 21st century medications are available on their website or you can contact them via a toll free call at 866-560-1049. Typically they respond within 24 hours.

The Centre for Pain Relief Mission is to research, identify, test, and offer “Smart” non-narcotic 21st century pain relief products for painful conditions and diseases. Currently the Centre has 12 painful conditions and disease specific websites.


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