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OFF!® PowerPad® Lamp and Lantern Offer Affordable, Attractive Mosquito Protection


RACINE, Wis. – This summer, the entertainment hub will be the backyard as Americans seek fun, budget-friendly ways to enjoy the weather and spend time with family and friends. To make sure the only buzzing at their summer parties comes from guests and not pesky mosquitoes, hosts can turn to OFF!® PowerPad® Lamp and Lantern for affordable, powerful protection in an attractive design.

According to a recent survey by OFF!, mosquitoes can be more than a nuisance – they have the power to ruin outdoor parties. More than half of survey respondents say they have moved a party indoors to escape mosquitoes, and 37% of hosts have been embarrassed when mosquitoes disturbed their guests.

“Even a fantastic party can be ruined by mosquitoes,” said Natalie Ermann Russell, author of The Outdoor Entertaining Idea Book. “To prevent bugs from sending my guests home early, I look for solutions that I know will protect them from mosquitoes and provide a pleasant setting, such as the OFF! PowerPad Lamp or Lantern.”

Repel Mosquitoes, Not Guests
Entice your guests to linger at your next outdoor party with the OFF! PowerPad Lamp or Lantern. Designed specifically to be an elegant addition to outdoor parties, barbecues, or relaxing evenings outside, the OFF! PowerPad Lamp and Lantern are composed of an enclosed candle and repellent pad. The fragrance-free repellent allows guests to focus on the menu, not the bug repellent.

“As a family company, we know that summer barbecues and outdoor gatherings are an important part of family celebrations,” said Kelly Semrau, SC Johnson Vice President of Global Public Affairs and Communication. “We want to help families enjoy this time together by protecting them from mosquitoes without burdening already tight budgets.”

Summer Parties High on Style, Low on Budget
Sixty-seven percent of Americans say they are on a budget (spending less than or the same as last year) with regards to outdoor entertainment this summer. To make the most of smaller budgets, Natalie Ermann Russell offers these five tips on affordable entertainment:

1. Keep Décor Simple: Save money on decorations by using natural greenery and foliage. Simple potted plants as center pieces create an elegant setting at little cost.
2. Set a Realistic Menu: Give yourself a break and create a menu that is realistic for your budget and your schedule. To get the best prices, focus on foods that are in season and check out your local farmers’ market for deals. Using produce from the farmers’ market also makes for less work – the flavors of these foods are so intense and beautiful, they’re at their best when prepared simply. For example, a pasta primavera with blanched farmers’ market veggies is easy and fast to assemble, super colorful and so delicious.
3. Invite Guests to Pitch In: The beloved potluck is making a comeback. Your friends and family will enjoy contributing to the event, but be sure to be specific about what you need so that you end up with a good variety of foods. And establishing a theme can make it even more fun. For instance, call it the Fresh from the Farmers’ Market Potluck, where each person brings a dish to highlight a different fruit or vegetable that’s in season.
4. Ward Away Mosquitoes for Less: OFF! PowerPad Lamp can repel mosquitoes from an area up to 15 by 15 feet – the size of an entire patio – for less than $10. It would take 15 citronella candles at a cost of up to $60 to protect this same area.
5. Plan Ahead: The fear of running out of food often drives a host to prepare twice as much food as they need – at twice the cost. Know your head count beforehand and shop accordingly. A general rule of thumb is to plan for six to eight ounces per person of the main protein (e.g., steak, fish, chicken) and one to two ounces of a side dish like rice or pasta.

About OFF! PowerPad
OFF! PowerPad Lamp and Lantern use an advanced, heat-activated pad to protect an area up to 225 square feet from mosquitoes, setting a standard for backyard mosquito protection and reducing the need for multiple candles. For instance, OFF! PowerPad Lamp shields an area the size of an average deck or patio from mosquitoes for less than $10 – a fraction of the cost of the citronella candles needed to cover the same area.

Perfect for the length of most parties, OFF! PowerPad Lamp and Lantern provide up to four hours of protection. The products are reusable, and refill packs repel mosquitoes for another 12 hours.

The manufactured suggested retail price for OFF! PowerPad Lamp and Lantern are $9.49 and $11.49, respectively. Designed to be placed in the yard or next to the patio or deck, the Lantern includes a sturdy, four-foot pole. The products can be found in the insect repellents, lawn and garden and sporting good sections of food, drug, do-it-yourself and mass-merchandise stores such as Target, Wal-Mart, Kroger and CVS.


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