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Most Effective Body Building Supplements


With all the body building supplements available, it can get very confusing which products do what and what benefit they might have in your muscle building program. Whether you are on the road to Olympic glory or just want to take best advantage of your muscle building workouts, supplements are probably a good thing for you. Sports supplements are not all the same, and here is a bit of information on five supplements that may interest you.

Creatine: This sports supplement gives you two advantages: you gain fluid inside your muscles, giving them more definition and a harder, more defined look. It also helps your body make protein within your muscles by increasing uptake of amino acids. These two benefits work together to help you build more muscle in less time with less work. As a side benefit, creatine prolongs the time you can work your muscles before muscle failure, helping you break through plateaus and on to the next level.

Amino acids supplements: There are dozens of amino acids supplements on the market, and each works slightly differently from the others. Basically, amino acid supplements reduce muscle soreness and fatigue, help you recover faster, and work to build muscle size (best in combination with creatine). Most of these body building supplements are best taken right before a workout to maximize their effects. Muscle soreness can last for several days after a good routine, so cut down on this recovery time with amino acids supplements.

Xenadrine and Metabodrene: Xenadrine sports and weight loss supplement is not as heart-dangerous as previous generations which contained ephedrine. The more body-friendly ephedra has a milder effect without the dangers. Several ingredients like l-tyrosine amino acids and phenylethylamine (PEA) help boost your mood as well as your fat burning power, so xenadrine body building supplement has an array of good things about it. Green tea extract and yerba mate round out the list of beneficial herbal ingredients in xenadrine. Metabodrene herbal sports supplement is a blend of herbs and vitamins and is often compared to Metabolife. It contains both ephedra and a little caffeine to boost your metabolism and help your body use the nutrition packed into this pill. Included in the herbal list are royal jelly, spirulina, cocoa seed extract, and green tea extract, among others.

Whey supplements. Body building supplements arenít just for the die-hard weight lifting bunch. Anyone can benefit from taking natural whey supplements. Kids can have half a serving of chocolate or vanilla flavor with their breakfast for an energy boost before school. (Most supplements are not recommended for children under 18.) Adults who work out a few times a week can gain more benefit from those 30 minutes by using whey supplements on workout days. Low-carb dieters get a protein boost from this sports supplement, without the sports.

It seems funny to most people to talk about weight gain rather than weight loss, but regular people are finding out the secret body builders have known all along: muscle building is key to maintaining a stable weight. Muscle weighs more than fat, which is why some people experience weight gain when they work out. Everyone benefits from incorporating body building exercises and body building supplements into their diet and exercise programs.

Always talk to a qualified doctor, nutritionist, or body building expert before taking any body building supplements. Make sure your goals are clear so you can discuss the best supplements for your particular diet and exercise program. Sports supplements can be a great addition to your life, but know all the risks, benefits, and side effects before putting anything into your body.


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