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Career Mentoring Institute is proud and excited to announce the launch of their career development plan that is geared to preparing you for the new and revolutionary world that is about to unfold!


Career Mentoring Institute announces the release of its career development plan to the market. Itís the most advanced career development plan developed so far. The product is geared to the present era and its arrival on the market is timely given that many millions of people are facing great uncertainty about how to create a career development plan.
This product will meet a very real need at this time. It does two things, it helps people deal with the uncertainty of the present but more importantly it will prepare them for a new world order that is about to unfold out of the ashes of the present financial meltdown. We all need to be ready for the new era.
The economic meltdown is much more than a recession; it represents the collapse of the existing economic model. A new model needs to be developed out of what remains of the now collapsed model. These sorts of adjustment have been a regular feature of the economy for the past two hundred years. These are always times of great suffering and struggle and this will be true of this era as was the emergence of the economy out of the depression of the 1930ís. We may know more about how to escape the worst excesses of the 1930ís, but itís still going to be tough going.
There are very real signs, however, that the new emerging economy will be based around the repair of the Earthís ecosystems which will lead to a major transformation in the way we live, in the way we earn a living, in what being successful involves, in how we relate to other people, other living forms and the Earth and in how we discharge our civic and social responsibilities.
We are on the verge of a whole new world that we think is very exciting, and very different and far superior to anything that has gone before. Itís very important to prepare yourself for these revolutionary changes that will usher in a whole new way of living beyond what many dare to dream about.
Your career development plan will have to take these two factors into account.

At Career Mentoring Institute we have developed a career development plan that is geared to the new realities. We have had many years of experience in the career development field and Dr Bob Calkin the CEO of Career Mentoring Institute has spent many years studying the changing character of the workplace.
In the program workbook Dr Calkin shows how the new world order is likely to emerge and what it will mean for our careers. He has also studied how successful people plan their careers. Dr Calkin has used this experience of successful people and the changing nature of the workplace to design the most up to date and advanced career development plan ever presented to the market.
This is what one of our recent clients had to say about the program:
ďI guess I am like many people puzzled about my career future and worried about what to do. I could find nothing on the Internet that was useful until I found the Career Mentoring five step career development plan. This is truly a program for these troubled but exciting times . Dr Calkin spells out in a very convincing way what the new economy will be like and what we will need to do. He provides advice on how to prepare for the new and survive in the present. I urge anyone looking for direction on what to do about their future career to go to the Career Mentoring site and sign up for the five step programĒ.

The career development plan involves five steps as follows:

Step 1: Matching your talents and interests with a field of work and industrial sector that is compatible with your talents and interests. This is hardly Earth shattering, but we continually find people doing work that is foreign to their talents and interests;

Step 2: Charting a career path through the field of work and industrial sector, a career path that will involve undertaking more and more complex work in order to advance your career;

Step3: Learning and applying the qualities that are hidden by what we call the seven secrets of the modern workplace;

Step 4: Meeting the six demands of the modern workplace that are concerned with the your relationship to your work. This involves having a vision of your work, having an inner standard to evaluate your performance and achieving mastery and excellence in the quality of your work.

Step 5 Helping you expand your level of awareness so that you can take on board an ever increasing range of complex ideas and thoughts, including a greater span of care and concern for other people and living forms and the Earthís fragile ecosystems;

People who master these five steps will be equipped to deal with their work life in the current turmoil and in the exciting future that is beginning to unfold. They will also manage more effectively in partnering, parenting and wider social and civic activities. Those who master these qualities of the five steps will be true twenty first century people.

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