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An Acai Weight Loss Supplement and Acai Berry Drink Demonstrates Positive Benefits of Acai and Weight Loss


Today, many health conscious people are discovering that acai weight loss products provide profound benefits in increasing metabolism and encouraging weight loss. An acai berry drink or pill supplement can also enhance overall immunity and cleansing. Many people may quite naturally ask "what is acai?” However, as this superfood’s myriad of health benefits become better known it will soon lose its obscure status. The positive effects of acai and weight loss are just one indicator of the acai berry’s marvelous effect on metabolism and well-being. This powerful and natural weight loss superfood (which can be found at is becoming a leading help for those seeking a healthy approach to shedding pounds.

Cherie Madison from said “If you’ve tried diet after diet and have still been unable to lose weight, it’s probably NOT YOUR FAULT. If you’ve tried everything you hear about on TV and read in magazines but haven’t been able to make it work, here is what I need to tell you: the diet industry is cheating everyone who is trying to lose weight. They do this in two different ways. First of all, they sell us millions and millions of dollars worth of prescription drugs, pills, diets, meal replacement shakes, etc. that are almost worthless. What’s more, they attempt to keep us from finding out about effective, cheap ways to lose weight... without spending a lot of money. So if you’ve been whipping yourself for being lazy or not having enough will power or anything of the sort then you can give yourself a break. That doesn’t mean you should just shrug it off and roll over in defeat, justifying your weight by saying ‘it runs in the family’ or you are ‘big boned.’ You could be LAUGHING AT WEIGHT PROBLEMS and enjoying the sort of beautiful, slim, stunning body you’ve always wanted... if you follow my simple system.”

The acai berry is a power packed superfood that even famed Dr. Nicholas Perricone cites as a nutritious powerhouse. Indeed, some people claim that it is the most nutritious food on the planet. It contains antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and more. Acai contains more protein per pound than an egg. Acai has a remarkable concentration of antioxidants and far eclipses many other foods (such as blueberries) while it provides ten times as many antioxidants as red grapes and 10 to 30 times the antioxidants of red wine. It also promotes cardiovascular and digestive health as a result of a combination of healthy fats, phytosterols and dietary fiber. And lastly, it contains essential fatty acids which help all your hormones, insulin receptors and neurotransmitters function more effectively. Consequently, this helps lower insulin levels and reduce inflammation--a factor that causes aging.

Cherie Madison from added “Although you’ve likely never heard of the acai berry, it is quickly gaining in popularity (having been recently featured on ABC, CNN, Fox News, CBS News) since the world famous doctor and best selling author, Dr. Nicholas Perricone, voted it the number one superfood available anywhere on the planet. This product is a natural powerhouse of goodness. And it’s not only said to help you lose weight, but to stay healthier and enjoy more energy too”

It’s clear that acai weight loss supplements are destined to grow in popularity as more people discover the amazing health benefits of this amazing superfood. As this once obscure nutritional powerhouse of a fruit becomes more well-known, fewer people will be asking “what is acai?” and more people will incorporate an acai berry drink or pill supplement into their daily lifestyle. Acai provides such a degree of dense nutrition that it supports systems within the body from heart to digestion and more. It encourages an increase in metabolism which makes it a perfect “fat burning” food for those seeking to lose weight and to lose weight quickly. This superfood will not only help you burn fat, but will provide you with an abundance of energy to help you live life to the fullest. To find out more about acai and get a FREE acai trial, please visit


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