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How would you like to be paid to drive wherever you go? Would you like to have a vehicle provided to you, in exchange for advertising for a company? You can be paid to drive with several different companies in exchange for placing an advertisement on your vehicle, or driving one of their company cars!

Get Paid to Drive – An Introduction
How would you like to make money simply by following your normal driving habits? Does this sound too good to be true? It’s not; there are many companies that will pay you to let them advertise on
your vehicle. These advertisements range from 12-inch magnets to partial and even full body wraps. Some companies will pay to advertise on your existing vehicle, while others will give you a new car to drive at no charge to you. If it still sounds too good to be true, read on for the full scoop.

What’s It All About?
Being paid to drive is no fluke, nor are the companies losing money. There is an incredible need for new forms of advertising across the US and the world. By placing advertisements on your vehicle, companies are able to market in new ways, gain more market share and grow their brand recognition. In short, it allows companies to promote their product in a way that really gets the word out.
There are several ways in which these companies work. Here, we’ll take a look at the most common.
• Magnetic Advertisements – These companies pay a specific amount of money per month for you to place a certain number of magnetic advertisements on your vehicle. Magnets come in all different sizes, though the larger the magnet, the more you are paid. However, most companies limit the number of magnets you are able to place on your vehicle, in order to ensure maximum visibility for each advertisement. What that means is that the company simply wants to make sure each ad can be seen, without the vehicle appearing too cluttered.
• Vinyl Wraps – Chances are you’ve seen at least one vehicle with a vinyl wrap driving through your town. These are high quality, digital prints made of vinyl that adhere to your vehicle. They wrap around a portion of your vehicle (such as the rear hatch or a window and door) or can cover your entire vehicle. These are usually brightly colored and promote only a single product or manufacturer. Vinyl wrap advertisements generally pay more per month than magnetic promotions do.

How Does It Work?
In short, the companies that pay you to drive are contracted through manufacturers and suppliers in need of advertising. Each driver is placed into a database that sorts them by miles driver per day or week, as well as geographic location, driving habits, driving record and vehicle type (in the case that you use your own vehicle). Companies in need of advertising use the driver database to match their needs to drivers around the nation. Once they have found the number of drivers they need, they alert the advertising company and you will be notified if chosen. Most campaigns take several months to set up, especially in the case of vinyl wraps, which must be custom made to fit your vehicle type.
Once the campaign has been set up and the graphics created, you will be contacted and informed of where to take your vehicle to have the wrap or other graphic installed (magnets are usually mailed with installation instructions).
Every company is has a different application process, but they all share certain things in common. First, you must apply. Thankfully, almost all companies that pay you to drive can be located online. Once you have visited their website, make sure you read their requirements and FAQs. This will tell you what they require from their drivers, as well as answer many questions about the process. Most driver requirements are as follows:
• You must be at least 18 years of age (some companies require you to be at least 21 years of age)
• You must have proof of insurance (you will have to purchase insurance through some companies in the case of free vehicles)
• You must understand and sign a contract for the duration of the agreement
• You must drive at least the minimum specified mileage per day/week/month
• You must have a clean driving record and a DMV printout showing the past 12 months
• You must park in the designated parking area defined in the contract
• Outdoor parking is required in order for passersby to view the advertisements
• Any accident must be reported immediately
• Moving violations must be reported immediately
• Vacations or change of living location must be reported immediately
• Damage to the advertisement must be reported immediately
• Vehicle must be presented to a company representative once per month for inspection (varies with company)
• Driver must agree to the length of contract

How Much Am I Paid?
Of course, pay is the major concern for most drivers. If you will be covering your vehicle with bright graphics and have to sign a contract, you expect to be compensated quite well. Thankfully, these jobs pay a considerable amount, especially in the case of vinyl wraps. Magnetic advertising campaigns pay the least, though they also change the look of your vehicle the least. A vehicle with approximately 1000 square inches of magnet coverage will bring in somewhere around $50 per month. However, a vehicle with a partial vinyl wrap will bring in between $100 - $200 per month and a full vehicle wrap can be as much as $400 per month. In addition, most companies do not take taxes out of the pay you make. You will be mailed a 1099 form at the end of the year so that you can claim any income earned through the program on your taxes.

Will I Be Paid to Drive A New Car?
If you are selected to drive a new vehicle, you will not be paid any money. However, you will not have to pay for the vehicle. The only costs you will incur will be fuel and insurance. It is important to note that if you receive a new vehicle, you will most likely have to sign up for insurance through the vehicle provider. This is done to ensure that their vehicle has sufficient insurance coverage and to protect their asset.
If you choose to use your own vehicle for the program, you are free to use your own insurance company and your existing policy for coverage.

How Long Can I Drive the New Vehicle?
Unfortunately, you will not be able to keep the new car forever. The company will provide you with the vehicle only for the duration of the advertisement program, which usually runs from 6 – 24 months in duration. After that point, the vehicle will have to be returned to the provider.

Why Do I Need a GPS Unit?
Most companies (vehicle wraps) require you to install a GPS unit. This is especially applicable in the case of new cars provided by the company. However, many companies require a GPS unit installed in your personal vehicle to ensure that you remain in compliance with your contract. These units are used to verify your vehicle’s location during parking hours, specified driving times and for many other purposes. If you are unwilling to have a unit installed, you will not be eligible for the program through many companies.

What If I Don’t Like The Advertised Product?
In the rare case that you find the advertised product offensive or distasteful, you are free to decline, prior to contract signing. You will be informed of your selection for the driver program and then informed of the product that will be showcased on your vehicle. Only after that will you have to sign a contract agreeing to display the graphics on your vehicle (or drive a new vehicle, if applicable). In the event that you decline a product, the offer will be made to the next person on the list and you will be placed back on the waiting list.

What Types of Products are Advertised?
Almost any type of product can be advertised through vehicle graphics and magnets. Many beverage companies advertise in this manner, especially for new, high-impact products. Energy drinks, sodas companies and even alcoholic beverages are all advertised this way. There are thousands of other types of products that can be displayed on your vehicle as well.
Famous brands that have used vinyl graphics include:
• Monster energy drinks
• Pepsi Co.
• Coca Cola
• Budweiser
• Rockstar energy drinks
• Red Bull
• Yahoo!
• Nokia
• Samsung
In addition, vinyl graphics are an ideal advertising medium for local businesses interested in gaining greater market share. In fact, vehicle advertising is one of the fastest growing marketing methods for small and medium sized companies across the US.
Do I Have a Say in what is Advertised on My Car?
Most companies will give you the choice of saying “yes” or “no” to a particular advertisement. However, product advertisement placement is determined by the geographic area in which you live, as well as your driving habits. For instance, a company will not be interested in marketing a product geared for a young, trendsetting crowd if you do not drive in an area heavy with that demographic. Advertisement placement is designed to place the ads where they will have the most impact. Thus, you will have little say in what goes on your vehicle.

What Are Vinyl Graphics?
Vehicle wraps are made of vinyl fabric (a type of thin, flexible plastic). They adhere to your vehicle, but can be removed without damaging the paint or leaving sticky residue behind. These graphics are used throughout the automotive industry and offer an easy application and removal process that advertisers find appealing. In addition, wraps are digitally printed with UV resistant inks, providing high-impact graphics and lettering that will stand up to outdoor use without fading or discoloration.

What about Vehicle Magnets?
Vehicle magnets are thin, lightweight magnets that are very flexible. They range in size from only a few inches to over 12 inches in size. These are usually placed on flat surfaces of your vehicle, such as door panels or hatches or even the hood. Generally, magnets provide a more subtle look that does not drastically change the appearance of your vehicle. However, magnet campaigns pay commensurately less than vehicle wraps.

How Do I Sign Up?
Signing up with a “pay to drive” program is actually quite simple. You can locate most companies online, which makes the process easier. Simply visit the website and click on the button marked “sign up.” You will be taken to their driver information page, where you will be able to read their particular driver requirements. Also, ensure that you read the company’s FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), as there is valuable information found here.
Once you have read all the details (make sure you read them all!), simply complete the form online. Most companies will provide you with your choice of correspondence, through either email or traditional snail mail. However, more and more companies are using electronic communications exclusively, so be prepared for that eventuality.
When you fill out the application, you will be presented with a series of questions. These will include everything from your average daily, weekly and monthly travel miles to the number of children you have. Answer each question honestly. These questions are important to advertisers and are used to determine which applicants are suitable for specific products and campaigns. Here are some of the most common subjects asked during the application process:
• Age of driver
• Sex of driver
• Number of children in family
• Married, divorced or single
• Area of residence
• Length of commute
• Average miles driven per day/week/month outside of work
• Geographic location of your residence
• Parking arrangements (garage or outdoors)
• Driving record (you will have to provide proof)
• Copy of Driver’s License
• Proof of insurance
• DUI/DWI convictions (these negate your eligibility)
• Loss of Driver’s License for any reason
• Willingness to have a GPS unit installed in vehicle
You will find other questions, but will they will vary with each company, while the above questions are found with every company. It is important to note that in most cases, a DUI/DWI will make you ineligible for the program. Loss of your Driver’s License for any other reason can also negate your eligibility with certain companies.

Tips and Information
• Make sure that you have read and understood the driver requirements. These requirements dictate if you are eligible for the program in question.
• Use only reputable companies that have a firm reputation for results.
• Read the payout information for pay schedules. Some companies pay every month, while other companies pay quarterly.
• Remember to inform the company of any change in driving habits or driving locations. This can affect your eligibility for the program. In addition, if your vehicle has been equipped with a GPS unit, it is better to tell the company beforehand, rather than letting them find out by tracking the vehicle.
• Remember to be honest when filling out the application. Do not attempt to give the answers you think they want to hear. Each answer is valuable to the advertisers providing your wrap and will help them determine where to place you in the program.

Where Can I Sign Up?
Below, you will find a website full of companies that will pay you to advertise on your vehicle, as well as bonus information on how to fight and avoid speeding tickets.


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