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Raw Fusion® Online Offers Pure Food Cuisine, High Energy Foods and Organics


December 15, 2008 – Plano, Texas, USA

The Pure Foods husband and wife chef team Russell and Jennifer Halderman (owners of Raw for Life LLC) have launched their first venture the Raw Fusion Online Store (

Raw for Life LLC (aka Raw Fusion) is creating the next step in healthy eating – Pure Food cuisine. Its first step is to open this online store, placing into your hands the food, snacks, supplements, books, recipes, resources and services to make Pure Food cuisine a part of you and your family’s life. Most of these products are so cutting-edge that they cannot be found at your local whole foods grocer or health food store. Raw Fusion has searched the planet to find these unique products. In addition they have spent hundreds of hours reviewing how each product is produced to ensure it meets our Pure Food standard, along with the Enzymatic Superfood® standard.

Russell Halderman , CEO and co-founder of Raw for Life says this about their research:

“We made a decision very early in the formation of our company to focus on the integrity of the foods, products and meals we would offer to our customers.

This decision led us on a journey that astounded us! We found manufacturers that label their products “certified organic”, but are made in such a way that toxins from high-heat processing are introduced into the final product. We also found issues with products labeled ‘Raw’. Many products labeled ‘Raw’ are treated with temperatures high enough to denature many of the food’s valuable nutrients.

Most importantly, though, we are delighted to have discovered a number of high integrity food producers that aligned with our philosophy of purity!”

Pure Food Cuisine

Pure Food Cuisine uses primarily organic or wildcrafted food. Unique and emerging culinary methods are used to maximize nutrition, while providing a gourmet eating experience.

Low-temperature cooking and other preparation methods (such as germination/sprouting of nuts, seeds, beans and legumes) maximize the quality, quantity and availability of a food’s nutrients, including enzymes and other heat-sensitive nutrients such as protein, vitamins and other phytonutrients.

Food enzymes are extremely heat-sensitive and are useful in aiding digestion. Many studies document their ability to help with weight management, increase metabolism, and strengthen the immune system. Our Pure Food Cuisine methodology deactivates a food’s enzyme inhibitors that can cause digestive difficulties and discomfort.

Popular mainstream dishes and Pure Food products with alternative ingredients transform your favorite foods and dishes into delicious, healthy alternatives. For people with food intolerances and dietary issues such as weight loss/gain and maintenance, low-energy, weakened immune system, sensitivity to industrial chemicals (pesticides, preservatives and stabilizers), diabetes, celiac and lactose intolerance, our Pure Food Cuisine offers them the opportunity to eat with confidence, enjoying food that is both safe and delicious.

Pure food cuisine gives that extra kick of health and energy, regardless of your starting point. It is food that pushes the trajectory of your health in the direction of a better life.

About Russell and Jennifer Halderman

Russell and Jennifer are Food Entrepreneurs that are establishing the next standard in food quality that addresses concerns beyond Natural and Organic.

Both are:

• Certified Raw and Living Food Chefs, Teachers and Instructors
• Experienced Communicators
• Passionate for Enzymatic and Living Foods that will improve the lives of the community
• Publishing a new food standard that will evolve the food industry and consumer awareness of Pure and Enzymatic Superfoods

Their Goals:

• Creating eating experiences that appeal to gourmet senses
• Complying to the Enzymatic Superfood® standard (maximum nutrition)
• Treating each customer with warmth and respect
• Promoting an inclusive workplace and help the community
• Making the world a better place to eat with each bite you take

The Raw Fusion® Store is a venture of Raw for Life LLC. It is owned and operated by the Pure Foods husband and wife team Russell and Jennifer Halderman. Upgrade your diet and your life with products and services from Raw Fusion at

For more information and to contact Raw for Life, send an email to

The statements in this description have not been reviewed by the FDA. Raw Fusion® or any Raw for Life LLC products are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.


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