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World premier: first products with toothfriendly chocolate see light of day in Belgium


* Belgian chocolate makers Daskalidès and Chocolaterie Smet are first to launch toothfriendly chocolate products: chocolate bars with praliné filling (Daskalidès) and Hopla chocolate figurines (Chocolaterie Smet)
* Toothfriendly chocolate is a Barry Callebaut innovation
* Toothfriendly chocolate is clinically tested and endorsed by dentists
* Toothfriendly International gives ‘Happy Tooth’ seal of approval

Lebbeke, Belgium - Daskalidès and Chocolaterie Smet, two Belgian chocolate makers active both in Belgium and abroad, are the first in the world to release toothfriendly chocolate products onto the market. Toothfriendly chocolate is a new innovation courtesy of Barry Callebaut, the world’s leading producer of high quality cocoa and chocolate. Barry Callebaut’s toothfriendly chocolate has been bestowed the prestigious ‘Happy Tooth’ label from Toothfriendly International, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving dental health, supported by dental associations from all over the world.

Dr. Albert Bär, Director Toothfriendly International: "We only give the Happy Tooth seal of approval to products that are guaranteed safe for teeth. All sweets that carry this logo have been scientifically tested by recognized and independent academic institutes for dental health. Their tests demonstrate that the product does not cause dental caries or tooth decay. The Happy Tooth logo helps consumers in their choice for toothfriendly products.”

The Happy Tooth logo helps consumers distinguish toothfriendly sweets from non-toothfriendly varieties. All products bearing the Happy Tooth logo, including the chocolate products by Chocolaterie Smet and Daskalidès, are guaranteed to be friendly to teeth and are recognized by the Toothfriendly International organization.

The secret of Barry Callebaut’s delicious, toothfriendly chocolate lies in its special production process and composition. Milk powder, for instance, is replaced by milk proteins and sugar by isomaltulose, a natural sugar which can be found in small concentrations in honey and sugar cane. Isomaltulose belongs to the sugar group and, just like refined sugar (sucrose), is composed of glucose and fructose. Isomaltulose differs, however, in its resistance to decomposition by oral bacteria and therefore does not cause an increase in acidity in the mouth, thus protecting the teeth from decay. It is only when acidity levels are high and the corresponding pH level drops below the critical value of 5.7 that there is a risk of forming dental caries. The pH level in the mouth remains above this level during and after consumption of Barry Callebaut’s toothfriendly chocolate. Isomaltulose tastes almost as sweet as sugar, is easily digested and, contrary to sweeteners such as polyols, there is no accompanying laxative effect.

Toothfriendly chocolate: kids are crazy about it, mothers approve it. Research amongst mothers and children between 6 and 12 years demonstrates a lot of enthusiasm for the taste of Barry Callebaut’s toothfriendly chocolate. 82% of the children rated the toothfriendly chocolate figurines as delicious to very delicious. And the chocolate scores well with Mums, too: 73% of mothers felt the purchase of this chocolate to be justified.
Chocolaterie Smet and Daskalidès release the world’s first toothfriendly chocolate products.

The Belgian company Chocolaterie Smet is releasing a series of 4 Hopla hollow figurines (Hopla, Lola, Nina and Onkie) on the market made from tooth-friendly chocolate.

The figurines are packaged in easily recognizable boxes of 85g (containing 3 figurines per box), with a colouring-in puzzle on the back.

Klaus Lauwerens, Senior Back Office Manager Chocolaterie Smet: “This is a fantastic opportunity to bring dental health and chocolate together. And there is no better figure than Hopla to give a face to this new combination. Children love Hopla and even more so in the form of a delicious chocolate figurine. Best of all, Mums can rest assured that their little darlings can soon enjoy chocolate in a responsible way.”

Part of the new “Health and pleasure” range, Daskalidès’ new toothfriendly chocolate bars are made from delicious toothfriendly milk chocolate with hazelnut filling: a delight for the taste buds and the teeth.

The 45g bars are available from all Daskalidès retail outlets.

Edward Geldof, General Manager Daskalidès: “Daskalidès always aims to strike the perfect balance between tradition and progress. The house is dedicated to building a solid brand image and harbours a strong belief in innovation. This new product represents the ideal marriage between enjoyment and health. More and more of our customers actively search for products which combine these two properties seamlessly.”

About Daskalidès (
“Daskalidès stands for tradition and innovation, quality and service, passion and knowledge in the world of chocolate. Since the beginning of the last century, the Daskalidès house has applied quality, service and value for money in forging a solid reputation amongst the finest chocolate makers in the world. Applying a unique and sophisticated retail concept with outlets throughout the world, Daskalidès has grown to become a genuine global player in its niche. A strong team of employees continues to build the Daskalidès brand each and every day.”

About Chocolaterie Smet (
Chocolaterie Smet was founded in 1963 and employs approximately 120 people. With an annual turnover of €25 million, they supply some 30 countries around the world. Their product range consists of around 750 different items from moulded figurines to decorative items and inclusions in chocolate, and candied fruit. Chocolaterie Smet’s customers include industrial manufacturers, wholesalers (bakers, patisserie producers, confectioners and ice-cream makers) and retailers (Cash & Carry, supermarkets and the hospitality industry). Smet International has establishments in Belgium (Malle and Kalmthout), Poland and Spain.

About Toothfriendly International (
Toothfriendly International is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving dental health. Its members not only include dentists and dental specialists but also producers of confectionary and dental products. Toothfriendly International was founded in 1989 and is based in Basel, Switzerland. It is governed by an Executive Board of dental professionals. The Happy Tooth quality label is assigned to confectionary products that are guaranteed to be safe for teeth. Their most important programmes for the prevention of tooth decay are carried out by national associations or action groups in various countries in and outside Europe.

About Barry Callebaut (
With annual sales of more than CHF 4,8 billion (around 3,1 billion euro) for fiscal year 2007/08, Zurich-based Barry Callebaut is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality cocoa and chocolate – from the cocoa bean to the finished product on the store shelf. Barry Callebaut is present in 26 countries, operates about 40 production facilities and employs approximately 7000 people. The company serves the entire food industry, from food manufacturers to professional users of chocolate (such as chocolatiers, pastry chefs or bakers), to global retailers. It also provides a comprehensive range of services in the fields of product development, processing, training and marketing.


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