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Whole Wheat - The Super Healthy Food

What do you eat for breakfast? Are you running on empty all day? Now is the time to take a look at how you start the day. What’s in your breakfast cereal, that piece of toast and whatever else you eat? After you figure it out … you may find that you really are running on empty.
Bob Brewer of Des Moines, IA decided he wanted to lose some weight. Like many of us, he knew that the key to losing weight was both diet and exercise. Bob’s typical breakfast included Raisin Bran – a non-sugared cereal. His usual serving size was two cups. After he decided to watch his diet in an effort to lose weight, Bob checked out the nutrition information on the side of the cereal box. He found out that his “non-sugared” cereal had 19 grams of sugar in a one cup serving. That meant that he was eating 38 grams of sugar or about 9.5 teaspoons in his two cups of cereal. No wonder he was having a hard time losing weight.
Studies show that eating a diet of whole grains can improve your health and help with weight management. K-Tec makes a light-weight grain mill that can easily help you to make a variety of whole wheat breakfast options. Whether you want whole wheat pancakes or waffles, or maybe a sugar-free whole wheat cereal, the K-Tec grain mill is easy to use, economical and eating your whole grains will be easier than you ever imagined. Plus, you won’t have the hidden sugars that are found in “non-sugared” breakfast cereals.
K-Tec also manufactures a blender called the Total Blender. With that, you can make homemade smoothies, fruit drinks and a whole array of healthy breakfast options. You can also grind wheat with the Total Blender.
Like Bob, you will find that within a matter of minutes you can make a bowl of whole wheat cereal. A diet rich in fiber will fill you up more quickly and you won’t get hungry as soon. You will also have a lot more energy without the added sugar. And without the added sugar, you will more easily lose weight.
By making this one adjustment in his eating and adding a 30 minute walk each morning, Bob has lost between 1-3 pounds each week since he started his new breakfast regimen. He has taken a greater interest in his health. Another plus, his wife is now back to calling him “handsome.”
With a little research you will find that in one cup of freshly ground wheat there are 151 calories that have Manganese (55.5%), Dietary Fiber (32.8%), Tryptophan (28.1%), and Magnesium (14.6%). That is a lot of goodness in one cup.
Fixing a bowl of fresh wheat cereal is not quite as easy as opening a box of Raisin Bran cereal but it is a lot better for you, Bob has found. He says “I can grind a bowlful of cereal, put it in the microwave and have it on the table in less than 10 minutes. I don’t get hungry all morning long and have a lot more energy.”
Let’s all jump on the bandwagon, like Bob and join the “Don’t Run on Empty - Eat Whole Wheat - Eating Club.” Do it today!
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