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‘Black Belt’ Seduction Experts Say That The Female Mind Has Been Mapped – And That Map Is Now Available To All Men


‘The biggest problem for the average guy is that he doesn’t know that it’s possible to go through the attraction and seduction process like a formula…from ‘A’ to ‘B’ to ‘C’…right through to dating a woman, no matter how attractive or out of his league she is supposed to be.’

According to Mr. X., who is one of five attraction and seduction experts on the Black Belt Seduction team, not only do men not realise that a specific process for attracting women exists, but they also fail to realise how EASY attracting and seducing women is once that process has been learned and practiced.

‘One of our Black Belt level students can walk into a bar in any English speaking country in the world and be guaranteed to get a phone number within 30 minutes. Most guys struggle to get one phone number every 30 days.’

Ms. B., whose specialist seduction area is ‘Group dynamics and multiple target theory’, says that the reason the Black Belt Seduction course works so well is that all areas of the so-called ‘game’ are covered.

‘To really understand the world of social dynamics, especially what goes on between men and women, you’ve got to be an expert in a few important areas: inner game and confidence, approaching & opening, conversation and closing. Those are the bare bones of being a master attractor of women, and any man can master them with the right training. But that’s the stuff we cover in the early belts. The really juicy stuff comes a little later…that’s the kind of information most men would kill for.’

The advanced techniques and tactics have already been trialled and used in the field by many Black Belt Seduction students and the results have so far been astounding, even in the opinion of another of the experts, Mr. M.

‘We wouldn’t have researched, developed, documented and taught students stuff that wasn’t dynamite, but the results have been very impressive so far. 3 of our guys have managed to get two phone numbers a night consistently for 3 nights running. Kisses, arranging dates…they’ve been busy with the information, definitely.’

But what about the ethical side of the matter? Do the experts think that the advanced strategies are safe in the hands of the average man? Mr. X. thinks so.

‘We tell all our students that power comes with responsibility. Once they are experts at attracting women, with speed and ease, they need to really keep their heads straight. We teach them this. They have fun, no doubt about it, but they use the tools with respect. To be honest, the women love it. They’ve never met men who are as interesting and charismatic as our upper level students. Everyone’s a winner.’

Mr. M. becomes somewhat secretive when asked about exactly how the students are trained.

‘Well, what we can say is that there are several different types of media we use to train our students. We use documents, video, audio, interactive tests and a student/expert forum to train them in every area. Having the variety of media makes all the difference. No man wants to just read, read, read all day. It’s not conducive to becoming skilful at seducing women’.

The anonymous experts paint a very interesting picture. On one hand their course seems very fun and almost a little bit like something out of a movie, but the results so far seem to tell one story and one story only: with the right training from the right people, any man can attract any woman of any level of attractiveness. The question is, is the world ready for an army of expert seducers? It seems the experts have thought of everything…

‘Well, we’ve considered this. There’s a reason the things we teach are special: they work and they’re very underground. We have a strict policy about how many men we teach at one time. Keeping the community small and skilled is much more important to us than keeping it big and poorly training, which is a problem you see a lot these days.’

The Black Belt Seduction course can be joined while slots remain open at


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