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“Ionic Liquids – Solutions for Your Success”


* Enhancing processing efficiency

* Viable solutions for solar cells

* High product quality even on industrial scale

Ionic liquids are a unique type of product with unparalleled characteristic properties that cannot be achieved with any other material. The entire bandwidth of industrial applications for which ionic liquids from BASF can be used is now summarized in the brochure titled “Ionic Liquids – Solutions for Your Success”. On 20 pages, the English-only publication describes briefly and vividly potential industrial uses for ionic liquids. Customer-specific services and an overview of the possibilities to licence BASF’s ionic liquid processes round off the brochure. The publication can be ordered or downloaded via Internet at

Broad range of industrial uses
Ionic liquids offer advantages in many industrial applications. Used as a novel type of reaction medium, they provide the chemical industry even today with more efficient processes giving higher yields. For example, acids can be removed fast and simply from reaction solutions by means of a process developed and used by BASF: the company markets this process under the BasilTM brand.

Ionic liquids are also creating new options for the field of plant and equipment manufacturing. The reason is that they are the first materials ever to combine the properties of solids and liquids. They can be used to develop, for example, high-performance hydraulic liquids and lubricants that are non-flammable. The use of these innovative products requires less energy input than conventional materials.

Through ionic liquids, BASF also opens up new potential cellulose applications for its customers. The lack of suitable solvents for this important renewable resource has so far set narrow limits for its use as a material. Now, however, the ionic liquids from BASF allow cellulose to be spun into textile fibers in an environmentally much more acceptable manner. The use of ionic liquids is also opening the road to new options for processing cellulose into polymer materials.

Viable solutions for solar cells
BASF offers a broad range of high-purity ionic liquids that can serve as electrolytes. They are used in dye-sensitized solar cells, for example. Specifically adapted to the electrode and dye system, the ionic liquids are in this case key to ensuring that the solar cell will generate power in a reliable and stable manner. Solar cells based on this technology can be manufactured in a much more cost-efficient manner that conventional silicon-based cells. They also are sensitive to far more of the visible spectrum of light, so that they can use all sorts of light sources, even at relatively low levels of light intensity. They are therefore highly suitable for portable applications such as mobile phone chargers in regions that do not have a universal power supply grid.

High quality even on industrial scale
BASF sells its broad range of ionic liquids under the BasionicsTM brand. Around the world, the company offers lab-scale as well as industrial-scale quantities, guaranteeing high levels of flexibility and reliability of delivery. The exceptionally high quality of these BASF products is ensured by continuous optimization of manufacturing processes.

Customized solutions
BASF looks back on a full six years of experience in ionic liquids, a fairly recent field that promises good prospects for development. Its broad base of expertise allows BASF to customize its ionic liquids to meet specific requirements. BASF supports customers in all steps, from the selection of the suitable ionic liquid right down to its commercial use. The company will also develop new ionic liquids on request.

Interesting combination of properties
Ionic liquids are salts similar to common salt as we use it every day. Their chemical structure makes them different, however: they are liquid even at low temperatures. Since their functions show the typical characteristics of salts and liquids too, the overall profile of properties that is obtained cannot be achieved by any other material. Ionic liquids are non-flammable; they feature thermal and mechanical stability as well as electric conductivity. This interesting combination of properties opens the road to a wide range of new applications.


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