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Update 05-13-08!
Rob Hunter, Co-Leader of the MyInternetBusiness Mentors team has just announced, ’MyInternetBusiness is in its second month of operation, and the statistics are off the charts. For once, the pre-launch hype did not do justice to the profitability of this business opportunity"

The media has been closely following the progress of MyInternetBusiness. “Average people who are weary of the modern-day slavery that is Corporate America are already earning full-time incomes with MyInternetBusiness,” explained Mr. Hunter. “Our team has been growing by leaps and me, the best part is when I see the people who joined with me earning profits.”

MyInternetBusiness.Com is open to the public, and the MyInternetBusiness Mentors team is accepting new member applications, and providing free services to members including personal-branded websites, closing services and training in Search Engine Optimization.

When asked about the cost to get started, Mr. Hunter responded, “MyInternetBusiness owners can get in for as little as $495 at the entry Bronze level, going all the way up to $2,995 at the Platinum Level. The profitability and products available increase exponentially, depending on which level the entrepreneur joins.”

The home-business industry has been revolutionized by Darren Gaudry’s launch of the highly-secretive MyInternetBusiness! Until now, details about this business have been closely-guarded secrets, to keep competitors in the dark until the last moment. However, Mr. Gaudry has just provided newly-released details about MyInternetBusiness.Com, and offered resources for the savvy entrepreneur to learn more!

My Internet Business has been months in creation. A team of expert network marketers headed by Darren Gaudry have formulated the MyInternetBusiness Structure. Passport to Wealth members and internet marketers throughout the world have eagerly been anticipating the launch of MyInternetBusiness. Even before the official launch it has been the most highly publicized business opportunity on the Internet!

Until now, nothing was known of the products, compensation plan, or requirements. If this is the first time the reader has heard of MyInternetBusiness, then check the resource box at the bottom for the orientation video. This will help the reader get up to speed, on the fast track.

With that being said, here are the FACTS:

• Darren Gaudry has announced that there will be Multi-tiered entry structure, to accommodate different levels of entrepreneurs. In other words, there will be different investment levels that members can join the business at, with the more expensive ones being the most profitable. The payback periods for all tiers of MyInternetBusiness.Com are predicted to vastly surpass any home-based business opportunity ever to be seen on the internet.

• No Qualification Period - MyInternetBusiness Owners will get paid from their very FIRST sale. This is a deviation from the Passport to Wealth 2-up system, where new members pass up their first two sales to their sponsor, and this new method will allow members to begin earning profits immediately.

• Residual Income - My Internet Business owners will be continually paid on the efforts of their downlines.

• NEW, Exclusive products - MyInternetBusiness.Com will feature products available ONLY through this opportunity, including a special internet board-game that teaches online marketing in a fun and simple fashion...reminiscent of Robert Kiyosaki’s Cash Flow Quadrant.

• “Name Branding” of Individual Websites - According to Mr. Gaudry, members will be able to customize their websites to brand themselves and their experiences. This is a very powerful feature, and is rare in top-tier businesses like this (and from what we are given to understand, there IS no business or compensation plan in existence that can accurately be compared to MyInternetBusiness ...this will redefine internet marketing, rather than be shaped by it)

• Marketing Other Businesses - Members will be able to use MyInternetBusiness to market other businesses they may be involved with, including Passport to Wealth, and others.

• Professional Sales Center--No Calling Prospects - Prospects will be able to get all their questions answered from PBA’s, or Professional Business Associates. This frees up endless hours of members’ time and relieves them of the burden of chasing prospects, which is the cause of failure in so many home-based businesses. With MyInternetBusiness, owners really are the Owners, and one rarely sees the owner of a McDonald’s franchise flipping burgers! This automated approach saves the MyInternetBusiness entrepreneur time, the most precious of resources.

• Launch Date: April 1st, 2008!

Darren Gaudry is quoted as saying, ’My Internet Business is YOUR Internet Business!’

In fact, Business Magazines are already comparing MyInternetBusiness to the launch of Google, and Microsoft.

Darren Gaudry is giving everyday people a chance to cash in on the next biggest cash generating program ever to hit the Internet.

Prompting the creation of MyInternetBusiness, Darren Gaudry and the Passport Mentors4U Team were tired of entrepreneurs that are not helping their downlines to succeed with their businesses. That is why MyInternetBusiness.Com has been designed with such a heavy teamwork focus, and with the residual income built in to reward said teamwork.

Darren Gaudry’s qualifications for MyInternetBusiness are simple. You must own a Passport To Wealth System prior to the launch. Otherwise, you will need to buy in at one of the tiers mentioned above, all of which are actually more expensive than the Passport to Wealth investment itself.

Mr. Gaudry has predicted that MyInternetBusiness will yield between 2x-4x the profits of its predecessor, Passport to Wealth, which resulted in approximately $75 million in payouts to members. The launch date is in a matter of days, and only time will tell the true profitability of MyInternetBusiness.

Mr. Rob Hunter, of the Passport to Wealth Mentors 4 U Team, has been following MyInternetBusiness closely and is quoted as saying,

’We can all imagine if they had obtained a ground Floor opportunity with Google or Microsoft...although we may have missed that, we need not miss THIS revolutionary ground-floor oppportunity... and much of the widespread excitement surrounding MyInternetBusiness is due to the elation felt by those of us who foresee MyInternetBusiness as the next Google.’

Mr. Hunter can be reached for further comments at the contact info below.


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