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EDC Diamond vs EDC Gold home business opportunities – What are the differences?


When considering a Home Based Business program such as EDC Diamond, or EDC Gold there are a few things you should learn first before choosing your business.

A quick note about any home business program be it EDC Diamond, EDC Gold, Road Map To Riches, Reverse Funnel System, Passport To Wealth, Wealth Funnel System or The Big Ticket To Wealth programs. THE MOST IMPORT THING IS YOUR CHOICE OF MENTOR AND THE TRAINING OR EDUCATION YOU RECEIVE ON HOW TO MARKET YOUR NEW BUSINESS ONLINE. – WITH OUT SUPPORT AND PROPER TRANING YOU WILL NOT EXPERIENCE SUCCESS ONLINE.

OK, lets discuss the main differences between EDC Diamond and EDC Gold.

The obvious differences are the price points to get started. With EDC Gold there is a ONE TIME payment of $997.00 + your monthly administration fee of $49.95 per month (this is how EDC Gold & Craig Garcia earn there money).

With EDC Gold you get over 1000 items of software that you can resell or use some of the software to actually grow your business and assist you with automating the marketing efforts that I show you in my personal training system.

If you decide to start with EDC Gold as your initial home business opportunity then you’ll make profits of the initial joining fee of $997.00 per new member that joins your new EDC Gold business. Now, a small point to consider when choosing the team or person to join under in EDC Gold – If you join The Wealth Funnel team then you will actually be properly trained how to market online because after you are successful with learning to market EDC Gold then Derrick Harper and The Wealth Funnel will then turn you onto more products to market online to increase the number of streams of revenue that generate greater profits for you with you online home businesses greater than just EDC Gold.

To recap: EDC Gold is a one time payment of $997.00 to join + $49.95 per month. You are able to earn commissions of $997.00 per sale for everyone under you – you also earn $397.00 per sale of the first two sales of every person that joines your EDC Gold business under you.

Now onto EDC Diamond. EDC Diamond was in pre-launch for over a month and was finally “officially” launched in mid December of 2007. EDC Diamond is very similar to EDC Gold with the major addition of more residual income of sales produced by everyone that joins your EDC Diamond home business under you. In short you earn more from everyone under you than with EDC Gold. EDC Diamond also offers you over 2500 titles of software that you can resell and you can use some of this software to assist you in marketing your EDC Diamond home business opportunity.

EDC Diamond cost $2497.00 to join initially. If you chose EDC Diamond as your home based business opportunity then every time you’ll make a sale you’ll earn $1,500.00 per sale + $25.00 per month from everyone that joins your EDC Diamond home business. Now, the big difference between EDC Gold and EDC Diamond – EDC Diamond will pay you $500.00 per sale of each sale made by your team members under you. If you do a moderate business with your EDC Diamond home based business opportunity say, 3 sales per month of EDC Diamond and 3 sales per month of EDC Gold (Yes you can sale EDC Gold as well as EDC Diamond) – The profits per month will be $7,491.00 per month as well as the $500.00 commissions from the sales of your team members below you.

And again, the same thing applies. You should choose the best mentor that will assist you in truly teaching you how to properly market online. And if you wish to generate income online for the rest of your life then I suggest joining The Wealth Funnel team so that you can not only learn to properly and successfully market your EDC Diamond home based business but you will be shown how to market more and more products and services online to grow the streams of income even further than just with your EDC Diamond business.

To recap: EDC Diamond cost $2,497.00 to join + 79.95 per month administration fee You make commissions of $1,500.00 per sale of EDC Diamond + $997.00 per month of EDC Gold + $500.00 per sale of your Team members below you.

Again, I hate to keep pounding the same point; BUT – The major key to success is NOT THE VEHICLE or home based business program you choose, rather it’s the support and training you get from a proper mentor. Have a conversation with your potential mentor and actually find out how comfortable you are with them and how knowledgeable they are. And remember: you want to join some one that can show you how to to duplicate there success as well as show you how to properly market online so that you may pick other products to market online as well to generate more and more streams of income online that are automated with as little maintenance as possible.

I highly recommend you take a look at The Wealth Funnel System and Derrick Harper’s team of online marketing professionals that will not only teach you how to be successful with EDC Godl or EDC Diamond, but will actually start to plug you into more products and programs to sell as you become better at marketing online to assist you in building a long term income online with the use of home based internet businesses.

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If you have any questions please feel free to call Derrick Harper toll free with the 888 number on his wealth funnel system website.

Wishing you the best in success,

Derrick Harper
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