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Bush and Mexican trucks another step towards North American Union


Los Angeles, CA (August 30, 2007) -- Why on earth would the Bush administration approve a plan to give uninspected Mexican big rigs full access to American highways starting September 1st? Look no farther than George W. Bush’s desire to force a North American Union on an unwilling populace, says Dr. Jerome Corsi, author of the New York Times bestseller “The Late Great U.S.A: The Coming Merger with Mexico and Canada” (WND Books, ISBN 0-9790451-4-2, $25.95, July 2007).

“This is the result of private agreements made between Bush and his Mexican and Canadian ’amigos’, agreements negotiated by anonymous bureaucrats under the auspices of the Security and Prosperity Partnership -- and yet another deal that has not been approved by Congress,” notes Corsi. In fact, the House of Representatives overwhelming voted to block Mexican trucks from U.S. roads earlier this year. Bush is allowing the trucks in while Congress is in recess.

Corsi continues, “It’s one more example of Bush defying Congress and the American people and using the power of the executive branch to chip away at border security and American sovereignty. Bush wants an EU-like arrangement between the U.S., its hopelessly corrupt neighbor to the south and its cowardly neighbor to the north - and he will stop at nothing to get it.”

“The Late Great U.S.A” documents this with devastating clarity. From Bush’s support of virtually unlimited Mexican immigration to his administration’s all-out war on the dollar, it’s obvious to Jerry Corsi that Bush is a globalist in the worst possible sense of the word. “After devoting literally hundreds of hours to researching ”The Late Great U.S.A,“ one thing has become crystal clear - George W. Bush’s goal is nothing short of selling our great nation out to the Mexicans and the Chinese, no matter what the cost to the average American or to our future. This truck debacle is just one more case in point.”

Until now, Corsi points out, Mexican big rigs could not enter the United States. The trucks’ contents had to be transferred to American carriers before reaching the U.S. border. All this is about to change, thanks to the Security and Prosperity Partnership.

“Forget for a minute the hundreds, if not thousands of American jobs that are going to be lost as a result of this travesty,” notes Corsi -- George W. Bush certainly has. "Mexican big rigs do not adhere to American safety or environmental codes. There’s no protocol in place for making sure these foreign drivers aren’t drunk or on drugs BEFORE they enter American territory. In fact, Mexico has NO certified drug or alcohol testing facilities anywhere in the entire country.

“Furthermore, many Mexican truckers speak no English and so can’t comprehend American highway signage. Their trucks will not be inspected and so they can transport ANYTHING, including hundreds of illegal aliens packed like cordwood, terrorists, and even nukes. It’s utterly insane.”

So insane, that both the Teamsters Union and the Sierra Club - odd bedfellows indeed - have joined forces to get an emergency injunction against the government’s plan. “What a special gift for the American worker on Labor Day,” observes Corsi, “the implementation of a policy that is going to destroy thousands of American jobs just so that Bush’s big-business cronies can line their pockets using far cheaper Mexican labor.”

But Jerry Corsi is heartened by the pending lawsuit. He says, “’The Late Great U.S.A’ became a New York Times bestseller because citizens across the country are waking up to the dangers we face from the Bush administration and its determination to destroy our nation’s sovereignty and independence.” And as additional treasonous outrages come to light, “we can expect to see even more citizens engaged in what’s shaping up to be an epic struggle for the very soul and future of our nation. This is a battle we cannot afford to lose.”

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