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Coastal Vacations Training Guru Reveals 5 Simple Keys To Success


Huge growth in the travel industry and the predicted travel industry boom for years to come,, has attracted many would-be millionaires to the top home based travel business. While some earn solid 6-figure incomes with the top rated Coastal Vacations home based business, most have actually failed to reach their lofty income goals.

Popular training guru and Los Angeles California based Level 3 Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino has stepped forward to reveal the 5 keys to a successful Coastal Vacations home based travel business. When Dean Marino talks, those who are successful listen closely to what the training guru has to say.

Marino coordinates training for the largest, fastest growing and most successful group in the Coastal Vacations program. The highly respected training guru completed a 25 year career in sales, sales management and sales training before joining the top Coastal Vacations group.

An energetic Marino explained that Coastal Vacations can actually be a very simple business to succeed with if business owners would identify their objectives and plan of action from the beginning. The simple steps can be broken down quite simply (1) Educate yourself. (2) Make a plan of action. (3) Be persistent. (4) Donít try to do it all yourself, and (5) Be realistic.

(1) Educate yourself. Marino suggests learning all you can about Coastal Vacations and the travel industry. While he feels that this should be done before a potential member actually joins, it is never too late.

The top level Coastal Vacations Director knows that knowledge is power. Knowing the Coastal Vacations travel products thoroughly and how they relate to the travel business as a whole is invaluable. Marino sees the confidence his students have when they know the product works and offers the public a tremendous value.

Confidence in the Coastal Vacations travel products allows members to approach all aspects of the business more positively.

(2) Make a plan of action. Marino explained that many of those hoping to have a successful Coastal Vacations business just donít know what they need to do to be successful. Itís like taking a trip without knowing the intended destination or consulting a map showing the route.

People are often led to believe that success will be easier to come by than it actually is. Often new members seem to think all they have to do is sign up and the checks will start rolling in. For those who will need to sell and close sales themselves, the plan of action may need to include learning to sell.
Marino explained that those who lack selling skills often underestimate how long it takes to learn, practice and master those skills so that they sound natural on the phone closing sales and collecting money. It can literally take years to become a skilled salesperson.

While many in the Coastal Vacations program teach just a few variations of one marketing plan, Marino teaches over 170 methods. He sees members have more success when they are able to choose the right method for them, rather than struggle with a marketing plan that does not match their personalities, skills, and life experiences.

(3) Be persistent. The overwhelming majority of those who start a new home based business fail for a number of reasons. Ultimately, they just give up.
Many are convinced there will not be any selling involved and then are disappointed to learn that their lack of selling skills is costing them money.

Learning to sell can be a long, costly, and drawn out process and many give up rather than stay the course.

Expert salespeople also can fail in the Coastal Vacations business. They often underestimate the time required to make all the phone calls and complete all the follow-up especially if they are trying to do it all themselves.

(4) Donít try to do it all yourself. Marino tells new students that he does not know of a single successful business where one person does everything associated with running the business. Even if one person could successfully do everything by themselves, they would not have the time and freedom achieved by Marinoís students.

The top Coastal Vacations group training guru says that leverage is the true key to business success. A business plan that does not include leveraging the business ownerís time and outsourcing tasks is a direct route to burnout, frustration and ultimately failure.

Members of the top Coastal Vacations group can rely on a full time staff at the groupís offices in Tempe Arizona to handle many of the details for them so they donít have to do it all themselves. Staff members follow-up with leads, close sales, collect funds and ship travel packages for members.

(5) Be realistic. Rome was not built in a day and the chances are a successful Coastal Vacations business will not be built in a day either.
Coastal Vacations members need to be realistic and consider how much time their business model will require them to devote each day and week as they implement their plan of action.

Marino says many people fail to make any money in the Coastal Vacations business because they try to do it all themselves and donít know where to start. Those who try to do it all themselves soon realize that it can be very time consuming to do it all.
The Coastal Vacations trainer speaks from experience. He first tried to do it all himself before realizing that there was no time or freedom involved in that business model. Marino remembers calling leads 6 to 7 days a week working his Coastal Vacations business full time over 12 hours a day to squeeze out a few sales.

When Marino started to make leverage his friend, his sales more than tripled and he worked less hours. Others using Marinoís plan tell similar stories as their income increased and their workload decreased.
Marino gave up some of his time and freedom almost 2 years ago when he accepted a leadership roll with the top Coastal Vacations group. He hosts the groupís live conference calls 4 nights a week and also coordinates group training. His enthusiasm for the Coastal Vacations business is an indicator that he truly enjoys giving back.

Those who partner with the top level Coastal Vacations director enjoy unprecedented access to his knowledge base. Marino provides his members with a massive fast start package with 7 CDís and a DVD.

Everything from marketing to business start up, to managing a home office and mkore is covered.

In addition to live training, recorded training, proprietary marketing tools, and his training email series, those who partner with Marino have access to him 7 days a week for one-on-one training, business coaching and mentoring.

Marino makes his valuable report detailing the steps to success with the Coastal Vacations business and a free vacation voucher available to visitors to his website free of charge. Visit HTTP://WWW.COASTALPASSIVEINCOME.COM and ask for his life changing report and free travel voucher


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