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CA taps Paint & Coating Industry for Collaborative Water Conservation


California is set to lead a National Industrial Water Conservation Program. CA. Green Building and LEED compliance programs are set to blend the color Blue in the mix, and what better way than their Architectural (Paint) and Coatings business partners to do it. The proposed use of recycled water replacing the commonly used Drinking water in this Industry, paints a vivid picture of their collaborative environmental and economic impact to sustainability.
CA. is of the largest consumers of Paint and Coatings in the Nation and, home to the nation’s largest coatings manufacturers, distributors and retailers. CA. uses an estimated 130 million gallons of paint and coatings a year to protect, preserve and beautify homes, buildings and landscapes, while exporting about another 100 Million gallons. This industry depletes well over 100 million gallons a year of CA’s most valuable natural resources, Drinking Water. With CA. water supply dwindling at a rate it simply cannot replace or sustain, this is one of the most innovative and collaborative approaches to sustainability we can have, right now, we are merely robbing Peter to pay Paul and, we have lost more than gained.
This $20 billion a year industry is a major part of the Green Building materials, one that has used Drinking Water to make their paint and coatings all along. CA. (and national) air quality changes forced this industries conversion from solvent to water based products; hence, the use of drinking water has grown exponentially. Every gallon of water based Paint is about 1/3 Drinking water, another 1/16 may be used to process.
The conversion is almost as simple as replacing one water source with another.
The purple pipe line for recycled water is vast becoming readily available to many metropolitan and developing areas. Like two ships passing in the dark, we need to hook up.

CA. wants to sustain the natural resources and assure its CA based businesses and communities of environmental and economic sustainability.
Several large coatings manufacturers exited and set up elsewhere, (NV) the economic loss to the supporting communities is devastating. Unfortunately, their retail outlets along with their strong brand name sales remained and, they were only charged the same fees to sell in CA. as their CA Based competitors. But the loyal CA based business carry the high CA regulatory costs of operating in CA.
The retail end is a tit-for-tat exchange, whatever retail sales are there will simply be a 1:1 loss and gain exchange for those who occupy the same space. The quality of the existing CA based coatings is equal to that of any manufacturer, as well as the color and sundry assortments. The bottom line was the loss of the hundreds of manufacturing jobs and, an increased use of fuel to transport it back in CA. Why support the unsupportive.
CA. needs to align itself to more proactive measures, and it starts here.
The need to expand CA sustainability programs to this Industrial end user is just common sense, and for many reasons, it is part to a much bigger picture.
As are many states, CA. is engaged in the massive undertaking of rebuilding its aged and deteriorating water infrastructure. We must include every available source of water conservation possible in the planning stages now and, review every existing plan in place to assure we have captured the most efficient and effective use of this renewable resource. We most certainly want to leverage every available Federal water conservation funding program available and, initiate others by innovation. We need CA. private and public business partnerships to collaboratively reduce the overall costs of rebuilding our infrastructures to our Tax Payers. And we need to reward our Loyal CA based partners all the way through this process.
CA, Government Services Agency (GSA), who purchases supplies to Build Green and maintain our roadways, buildings and water ways, supports CA businesses with an ‘In-State’ preferential treatment, a 5% advantage in bidding against outside suppliers. CA. has the ability to further these incentives by modifying its existing Green Building and LEED requirements to include additional incentive to those CA based partners that replace Drinking water with Recycled water.
There was a problem on the front end, the coatings industry, felt consumers at every level, were not going to buy product containing recycled water. Thus reluctant to initiate change without the help or, directives of the agencies and consumer based demand.
This is one industry that has learned the high cost of mandated change, one that can weigh the benefits of collaborative relationships in business. It costs money to mandate, a senseless expense when compared to common sense. Embrace the inevitable.
Not only is the program fast becoming a Priority Platform for the agencies, but the consumers at all levels clearly support this collaborative effort. In addition, you can bet the Federal, State and local agencies are going to step up their public awareness campaigns to support their efforts and buy their products. Businesses that shall continue to proper and grow are those who step up as the Stewards of our natural resources, those that shall become a household name other brands once covered. Architects and developers are becoming aware that Recycled water is now being qualified as recycled content for paint manufacturers; its value in the LEED program has increased by up to 30%. It is a newly created ‘Bargaining Chip’. Thank You L.A., for ‘Buying Green’ as your recognition to those who share your passion for conservation, your resolution has created a viable solution, incentives.
The CA based Water wholesalers and retailers are doing a fantastic job of making the public aware that they can supply a product of quality without harm to human or environment. CA. Recycled water is of the highest quality standards there are, used for decades irrigating edible food crops and various other agriculture uses, without any health related incident, and it is abundant.
A clear picture for CA businesses, conserve, and you shall reap the rewards, water sense makes cents, turn blue into Green.
Become the coveted of CA. based businesses, add shareholder value through the stakeholders. This could be ‘DE experience of a life time to access the consumers in the confines of the reluctant within CA and adjacent water wise states.
For further information, contact Edward Mugits at Mr. Mugits, is the founder, catalyst and registered lobbyist of this program and, has mapped out numerous of the programs processes and multiple state infrastructures to aid in collaborative efforts.
This program is in its infancy, when we collaborate with the multitude of water based product manufacturers, such as household and industrial cleaners, the automotive industry, like Anti-freeze… you will start to see the likes of every major brand from Clorox to Prestone in there generating millions of gallons in savings.
There is need to monitor the spigot. with its commodity price, water is of insignificant cost to goods. Keep it up and their may be a clear incentive to change these rate structures verses the common sense approach.
The Big Box Retailers, Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, Target, Sears and the like, can certainly influence this need for change, each and every one promotes its environmental position.
The changes they have made with the packaging industries use of recycled content, is one to emulate.


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