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MWH Soft Sets New Standard for Geospatial Dynamic Pond Design


MWH Soft, a leading global provider of environmental and water resources applications software, today further defined the standard in the urban stormwater industry with the release of H2OMAP SWMM PDM (Pond Design Manager), the latest example of the company’s leadership in bringing powerful geospatial modeling and design tools to engineers around the world.

The state-of-the-art geospatial detention pond design and management software solution equips practicing engineers with impressive graphics and breakthrough dynamic design analysis capabilities. Its highly intuitive, time-saving user interface greatly accelerates better pond design and management as it helps ensure accuracy and safeguards the public against hazards and limits liabilities.

Detention ponds have a range of purposes, including reducing peak discharges and improving water quality. H2OMAP SWMM PDM lets users streamline the design and analysis of single and interconnected ponds, compute pond detention times, and size outlet structures for one or more design rainfall events. Users can take advantage of highly advanced hydraulic and hydrologic computational algorithms without having expertise in this complex field, extending the software’s benefits across the entire enterprise. Capabilities include routing flows using sophisticated (fully) dynamic flow analysis, and determining the pre- and post-development runoff hydrographs using any of the ten most-used rainfall-runoff models: EPA Nonlinear Reservoir Method, Colorado Urban Hydrograph Procedure (CUHP), NRCS Dimensionless Unit Hydrograph, NRCS Triangular Unit Hydrograph, Delmarva Unit Hydrograph, Clark Unit Hydrograph, Snyder Unit Hydrograph, Santa Barbara Hydrograph (SBH), Espey Unit Hydrograph, and San Diego Modified Rational Hydrograph (SDMRH). A number of popular infiltration models are also supported, including the SCS Curve Number, Green-Ampt, and Horton Methods.

Powerful, comprehensive and engineer-friendly, H2OMAP SWMM PDM reflects MWH Soft’s time-honored practice of continually adding value to its world-class software and bringing powerful new modeling and design capabilities to engineers around the world. It allows engineering professionals to quickly and efficiently complete stormwater projects of any size, from basic site designs to complex regional drainage studies. An intuitive interface, easy-to-use functionality and rich graphing and reporting capabilities save modelers hours of manual calculation time, making it very simple to analyze pre- and post- development watershed conditions and size ponds and outlets.

“The operational simplicity, power, comprehensiveness and flexibility of H2OMAP SWMM PDM eliminate obstacles that can make pond design overly complex and inefficient,” commented Trent Schade, PE, Senior Client Service Manager for MWH Soft and a leading urban drainage modeling expert. “Civil and environmental engineers’ pond design projects are complex, but their tools need not be. These professionals have long needed a versatile, engineer-friendly product that can quickly and accurately perform a wide range of pond design calculations and speed up project completion. That’s exactly what H2OMAP SWMM PDM gives them—and the more you experience it, the better it gets. With this introduction, MWH Soft now offers the best in urban drainage modeling and design integrated with the best in engineering. We are also delivering on our promise to make enterprise water resources GIS modeling easy and affordable.”

“MWH Soft has a deep understanding of our industry’s needs,” said Paul F. Boulos, Ph.D, President and COO of MWH Soft. “We’ve amassed a rich history of commitment to providing the most comprehensive, user-friendly and advanced software tools for the engineering community, regardless of skill level—tools that break down barriers in the modeling community in the interest of getting the job done. By loading this new release with all the powerful engineering design analysis features and functionality imaginable, we’ve given the industry a revolutionary modeling tool. Our unique water resources software suite sets a new standard for GIS-based modeling. All of us are excited by its potential to make an immediate impact on our customers’ engineering productivity and performance, and a positive difference in people’s lives and the ecological health of our nation’s waterways.”

“This release is just the beginning,” Boulos added. “We have major plans for H2OMAP SWMM PDM. In the months to come, it will grow very quickly to include even more powerful features and capabilities.”


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