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Todd Falcone Offers Options To Members Of Top Coastal Vacations Group


As training coordinator and conference call host for the Coastal Sales Center, Los Angeles California based Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino is dedicated to giving his team members more ways to succeed than anyone else in the home based business arena. It’s been an effective strategy. The Coastal Sales Center is the largest, fastest growing and most successful group in the 12 year old top rated Coastal Vacations home based business.

On a recent group training call Marino turned the spotlight over to multi-million dollar earner Todd Falcone for what Marino called “meat and potatoes” training. Todd Falcone is a highly recognized trainer, personal coach, and mentor to thousands of top performing home based business owners. Most important to Marino, his teachings are not based on theories or things he read in a book. Falcone’s teachings are based on his own personal experiences in over a decade in direct sales and network marketing.

Marino’s position as training coordinator for the top Coastal Vacations group presents challenges every day. Most trainers in the home based business arena teach a few variations of one method members can utilize to attain success.
The one method others teach involves buying leads, calling leads, following up with leads, and hopefully closing those leads and collecting the money. Teaching one and only one method has lead to a 95% failure rate in the home based business industry and that simply was unacceptable to Marino and members of the top Coastal Vacations group.

The Coastal Sales Center teaches their Coastal Vacations members over 170 possible paths to success. Over 170 ways to market and advertise allows members of Marino’s top Coastal Vacations group the ability to choose the one that is right for them.

Marino explained that if you teach just one method like calling leads and the member does not become proficient and productive using that method, they are doomed to failure. Teaching multiple methods allows Marino’s Coastal Vacations members to draw on the education and life experiences they bring to their new Coastal Vacations business.

Marino explained; “It’s foolish to throw out all the skills and experience new members have and try to teach them a way of doing the business they are uncomfortable with and force them to perform tasks they simply don’t want to do.” Marino’s philosophy is that people have more fun and are more successful doing what they choose to do and what they enjoy doing.
The Los Angeles based Level 3 Coastal Vacations Director explained that when members choose a marketing method that incorporates activities they enjoy, they tend to do it more because it’s fun. His experience tells him that when they do it more and stick with it, they will have more positive results. That means more sales and more money in their pocket.

For example, unlike others in the home based business arena, Marino would never choose to force someone with extensive experience in print advertising, internet marketing or web design to learn telephone sales skills and start calling leads.

Marino’s top Coastal Vacations group has a strategic advantage over anyone else in the home based business arena. The Coastal Sales Center Group maintains offices in Tempe Arizona where a full time staff handles many of the details needed to succeed in any home based business.

Coastal Vacations members with the top group can utilize that staff for doing follow up, finalizing sales, collecting funds and even shipping product to new Coastal Vacations members. That allows Coastal Sales Center members to concentrate on doing what they like to do. They can then delegate the other duties they don’t like doing to their staff.

One of the many methods Marino teaches is the same buy leads, call leads, method taught by others in Coastal Vacations and others in the home based businesses industry. Marino feels that for those with the gift of gab who enjoy phone work it is a great method.

Many who buy and call leads complain about buying hundreds of expensive leads and calling them all, only to discover that none of them can afford to start their own business. Marino calls that the poverty mindset of mass generated leads because many lead generation companies offer people a free premium if they will fill out a form and become a lead.

For those committed to or considering the dialing for dollars method to Coastal Vacations success, Falcone introduced an alternative to those who felt they’ve been wasting their time talking with the poor.

One of the secrets to Falcone’s success in direct sales and network marketing is that he learned not to waste his time talking with people unable to act upon what he had to offer.

Falcone’s best selling “Insider Secrets To Recruiting professionals” was the basis of his special training for the top Coastal Vacations group. He taught success minded Coastal Vacations members how to recruit real estate agents, mortgage professional, insurance agents and others to their top rated Coastal Vacations home based business.

Marino added that many great sales presentations are wasted on people unable to say yes, and he encouraged the many Coastal Vacations members in attendance to heed the valuable lesson Falcone shared.

Many successful members of the Coastal Sales Center choose not to talk with prospects until after they make the financial commitment and join their business.

Others outside the top Coastal Vacations group think that Coastal Sales Center members turn their business over to account executives employed by the Coastal Sales Center in Tempe Arizona. The truth of the matter is that members of the top Coastal Vacations group have many more options available to them compared to others in Coastal Vacations or even other home based businesses.

Most sales at the Coastal Sales Center are produced without the members ever talking with their prospects, but Marino explained that Coastal Sales Center members are independent business owners; “It’s their business and they can work it the way they choose. If they want to roll up there sleeves and get more involved in the selling process, we’ll teach them how to do it. If they want to close some of their own sales they can. It’s their business.”

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