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Cleaning Up Emissions


Santa Fe, NM – May 15, 2007 – CleanAIR Systems, a leading manufacturer of air pollution control products, has launched the PERMIT Filter/Silencer as a new addition to their line of diesel particulate filters. The Filter/Silencer is designed to eliminate black smoke, diesel odor and reduce noise from prime power and emergency generators. Facilities and companies with generators are already familiar with silencers installed to lessen engine noise. In today’s green economy, silencer products need to do more. With the enforcement of stringent pollution regulations, generator owners also need emissions control technology along with sound reduction to meet demanding air quality laws. Using CleanAIR PERMIT Filters, which are verified by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to meet the strictest air pollution laws in the United States, the PERMIT Filter/Silencer meets both requirements.

In the United States alone, there are an estimated 100,000 industrial standby generators. The majority have no emissions control technology installed on them. Most are used on a limited basis by commercial and public facilities such as colleges, critical care facilities and data storage centers in case of an emergency. These generators are run periodically for routine testing and maintenance. But some facilities also use their generators as prime power to minimize peak power loads on the electrical grid. During operation diesel generators emit a variety of pollutants such as particulate matter, carbon monoxide, and hydrocarbons – all of which can cause serious health issues, especially for children and older adults. Due to our need for energy, generators and the air pollution they produce have become a part of every community.

Recent reports by the Clean Air Task Force, Environmental Health Perspectives and The Coalition for Clean Air all detail the dangers of fine particulate matter (PM) pollution. The health impact of particulate air pollution ranges from asthma attacks and lung cancer to cardiac problems and decreased life expectancy. The World Health Organization estimates that thousands of deaths each year may be caused by exposure to PM. And the American Lung Association believes fine air-borne particulate represents our most serious health threat. Not only is particulate matter a global environmental hazard, but also a dangerous health problem.

With this in mind, CleanAIR Systems designed the PERMIT Filter/Silencer to be installed on the exhaust of a generator, eliminating visible black smoke, toxic diesel odor and noise while the engine is running. Available for all stationary engine sizes, emissions of particulate matter are substantially reduced by more than 85% and emissions of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons by up to 99%.

“All kinds of facilities use our PERMIT Filter/Silencer to reduce pollution and help with sound. We work with schools, hospitals, power plants and just about anyone who has a generator,” explained CleanAIR Sales Engineer, Daniel Serrano. “Many times space can be an issue. That’s why we combined our diesel particulate filters with a silencer. Now the customer purchases just one unit instead of two separate products that take up a lot of space. Our PERMIT Filter/Silencer does the job of both by eliminating emissions while at the same time providing sound reduction. It also reduces the overall cost.”

The PERMIT Filter/Silencer is custom designed to fit each job. Its stainless steel construction is corrosion-resistant; thereby extending the life of the product. By using more durable, light-weight stainless steel, the Filter/Silencer offers a 50% total weight reduction over average silencer-only products, allowing for easier installation and shipping. Each PERMIT Filter/Silencer is also fully insulated to reduce heat loss and provide sound reduction.

“We looked at silencer designs already on the market and knew we could design a better, more efficient product that also incorporated our CARB verified PERMIT Filters to reduce air pollution,” concluded Michael Roach, President of CleanAIR Systems. “It was a real group effort with our engineering, manufacturing and technical sales staff all offering input as to what our customers needed. We designed a premium pollution control product that all facilities from schools and hospitals to power generation plants can afford to install for better emissions control.”

Although we have come to rely on diesel generators for essential backup power, as in the case of school, emergency facilities and hospitals, they can also be cleaned up with readily available emissions control technology. Diesel particulate matter and other pollutants are eliminated when a generator is retrofitted with a CleanAIR PERMIT Filter/Silencer, helping to decrease the impact of diesel air pollution on our health and the environment.

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About CleanAIR Systems:
CleanAIR Systems is a technology-based corporation manufacturing emissions control systems with worldwide distribution. Their products are designed to control air pollution such as particulate matter and NOx, for on- and off-road vehicles, as well as stationary machinery and power generation. Visit CleanAIR Systems online at


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