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Agilent Technologies Introduces First DC Power Analyzer that Performs Complex DC Sourcing, Measuring Tasks without Programming


Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today introduced a DC power analyzer that provides unrivaled productivity gains when sourcing and measuring DC voltage and current into a device under test (DUT). This tool, which R&D engineers can use to gain insights into the DUT’s power consumption in minutes without writing a single line of code, represents an entirely new instrument category for R&D engineers.

The Agilent N6705A DC Power Analyzer is a highly integrated instrument that combines up to four advanced DC power supplies, DMM, oscilloscope, arbitrary waveform generator and datalogger. It provides an easy-to-use interface, with all sourcing and measuring functions available from the front panel.

“R&D engineers are always under time pressure, so an instrument that makes powering up designs easier and collecting DC voltage and current measurements faster would be a welcome addition to the R&D toolset,” said Galen Wampler, industry analyst at Prime Data. “Agilent’s innovative DC Power Analyzer defines a new category of instrument that integrates multiple functions into a single box. This integration, along with an intuitive front panel, allows R&D engineers to gain insights into their DUT in minutes, not hours, without writing a single line of code.”

Today, when performing DC power-related tests, R&D engineers must gather and configure multiple instruments to complete DC sourcing and measurement tasks. When executing these complex tasks, which can involve simultaneously connecting to and physically interacting with multiple test instruments, the risk of error increases. In response, R&D engineers may choose to automate tests that are too complex to do manually. Unfortunately, while automating tasks reduces human error, writing and debugging programs adds more work to already overloaded R&D engineers.

As an integrated instrument, the Agilent N6705A DC Power Analyzer eliminates the need for multiple pieces of equipment and complex test setups. With built-in current measurements, the DC Power Analyzer also eliminates the need for transducers, such as current probes and shunts, to measure current into the DUT. With connections and controls that are color-coded to the display, the R&D engineer can quickly set up and control the DC Power Analyzer, confident that it is configured properly and working correctly. Dedicated controls for common functions provide operation via a familiar interface, with each instrument function behaving like its standalone counterpart.

The Agilent N6705A DC Power Analyzer also eliminates the need to develop and debug programs that control a collection of instruments to take measurements. All the functions and measurements are available at the front panel, thereby eliminating the need for a PC, drivers and software, and reducing 90 percent of the effort associated with setup. Users report completing their DC sourcing and measuring tasks in five minutes using the DC Power Analyzer, compared to two days using standard test equipment.

Features and benefits include:

-Flexible configuration to meet various power sourcing and analysis requirements. The Agilent N6705A can support modules totaling up to 600 W of total power, with 21 modules to choose from.
-The ability to modulate each module via an integrated arbitrary waveform generator. With output speeds of up to 160 microseconds per step-voltage change and with a bandwidth up to 5 kHz, the DC Power Analyzer can generate high-power DC transients or simulate line ripple.
-The ability to measure output voltage and current using its built-in DMM, oscilloscope and datalogger.
-64 megabytes of internal file storage (which is 30 minutes of data at 50,000 readings per second on all channels simultaneously). External USB storage is supported for increased storage capacity to log data longer.
-The option to save test setups, test data or screen captures to a USB memory device, allowing for capture of long datalog files and easy transfer of data to a PC in another location for analysis or integration into test reports.
-The ability to quickly remove power by pressing the emergency stop button should a DUT experience a hazardous failure during test. Pressing the emergency stop button keeps any measurements running and retains collected data.
The Agilent N6705A DC Power Analyzer is fully compliant with the LXI class C specification. It has USB 2.0, 10/100 Base-T Ethernet (LAN) and GPIB interfaces as standard features, allowing quick and simple connectivity to a PC or a network. The Agilent N6705A can be remotely operated from any browser by connecting to its built-in Web page. The DC Power Analyzer is an Agilent Open product offering that ensures industry-standards-based open connectivity in hardware and software.

Part of the Agilent Modular Power System Family

The Agilent N6705A DC Power Analyzer for R&D, together with the Agilent N6700 Low-Profile Modular Power System for ATE, form the Agilent Modular Power System family. This family provides a complete spectrum of solutions, from R&D through design validation and manufacturing. It is another example of Agilent’s commitment to provide common LXI solutions spanning R&D to manufacturing, allowing for software code reuse and providing test correlation all with the same underlying hardware.


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