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Rare Lowcountry Frog Faces Extinction!


New Novel by Author J. Lyon Layden!
Its fragile habitat threatened by pollution, construction, invading snakes, and invading illnesses, the rare Terramorian water frog is struggling for survival in the most remote parts of the South Georgia Lowlands. One of these rare but highly intelligent amphibians has become a celebrity as of late, having taken it upon itself to single handedly save its species from the jaws of extinction. This frog is so intelligent that it has even been known to journey over long distances of waterway in an abandoned tortoise shell. The amphibian is named Frawg Findig III, and we caught up with it last week for a quick interview about its struggle for survival and its efforts to save its own species.

Q: Many frogs and toads we’ve interviewed in the past few days have named you as the last hope for the creatures of your fragile habitat. Why has such a heavy burden been given to you alone?

Frawg: Well, whatever this crazy smog in the sky is all about, it’s been messin’ up my trade business. All the flowers have been missing from the riversides lately, and I make a good sum off of the pollen this time of year. ‘Sides that, King Bog has expressly asked me to go on his behalf. His daughter, Princess Lilypad, has taken ill as a result of this terrible magic attacking our land, and I’m no frog to be refusin’ the wishes of a king!

Q: And what do you hope to gain with this dangerous expedition into Mudgunkland?

Frawg: No frog knows. But the Wise Frogs of King Bog’s court have ordained it that I should go, and I reckon I’ll figure out what it is that needs doin’ when I get there. I’ve got it to do, and there aint no use tip-toein’ around it.

Q: It is said that you are a vegetarian and a botanist. How is it that a frog became a vegetarian? Does it tie in with your study of plants?

Frawg: Well I never did much care for the taste of bug, and now one of my best friends is a dragonfly, so I sure don’t want to be eatin’ any of his kin! But I guess being a vegetable lover does tie in a bit with my love of growing things. My friend Dr. Croaks might disagree, but I say the old time remedies are the best. Too much medicine can make a body sick itself, but you can’t go wrong with good fresh vegetables and natural vitamins in your tummy!

Q: And what did you do before you became a trader and herbalist? Do you have any other previous experience that might qualify you for your appointed task?

Frawg: Why yes, I guess I do. I was a scout in The Great Territorial Wars, which were probably before your time. We pushed the invading rats back into the swamps of Mudgunkland to be eaten my the evil snakes. I can tell you what, the snakes thought better of trying to attack us frogs after that, and we’ve seen them only rarely in Bogland since those days. I myself scouted farther into the swamps of Mudgunkland than any of King Bog’s subjects had yet, except maybe for Dr. Croaks. Dr. Croaks is getting up there in years, now, so I ‘spose that has something to do with why King Bog picked me to go this time..

As Frawg continues to journey through Terramore, we will continue coverage of his day to day struggles in the newly released children’s chapter book, The Other Side of Yore!!

by J. Lyon Layden
with illustrations by Kenny Savage

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A portion of the proceeds from “The Other Side of Yore” go to to combat and research Amphibian Decline.

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