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Coastal Vacations And Global Resorts Network


A clarification regarding the home business opportunity referred to as Coastal Vacations and how it compares with a newcomer on the block by the name of Global Resorts Network is in order.

Question: Is Coastal Vacations an MLM or multi-level marketing opportunity?

Technically, the answer is no. However, practically speaking, the answer is yes. Let me explain.

The Coastal Vacations Compensation Plan is based upon the purchase of 3 basic packages; Level 1, Level 2 & Level 3. There are also other levels of sales that involve a combination of those 3 packages. Now let’s look specifically at the Compensation Plan:

If you are a Level 1 Director in Coastal Vacations and you make a Level 1 sale, you earn a direct commission for that sale. Ater making such a sale, if the person you made the sale to also makes a Level 1 sale, the commission from that sale goes to you. You have now technically received commission from 2 levels in your organization, one direct sale and one indirect sale.

The confusion comes from the compensation plan that is referred to as an “Australian 2-up”. According to Coastal, you never have more than 1 level or tier in your organization, because sales continue to “roll up” to your first level. This appears to be a simple way of disguising the MLM aspect of the opportunity.

Is there something inherently wrong with the concept of MLM or multi-level marketing? Absolutely not. Many of our largest corporations use this same identical method of marketing. It is not MLM to which the stigma is attached, but to various opportunities that have created a negative image for the entire home business industry.

Global Resorts Network is a relatively new MLM home business opportunity that markets travel related products. There are two Memberships that may be purchased; a 5 year and a Lifetime Membership. With Global you may earn $1,000 commissions for direct sales of a Lifetime Membership, but the similarity with Coastal Vacations ends there. You may go on to earn additional $1,000 commissions from unlimited depth in your organization, literally receiving Residual Income from many different directions at once.

Unlike Coastal Vacations, once you have purchased a Membership, you never lose anyone that you bring into the business, but continue to benefit from the efforts of those people indefinitely.

The Global Resorts product has been marketed around the world as a stand-alone product for the past 20 years. It was only in December, 2006, that it began to be marketed through a networking opportunity.

Global Resorts Network has a President and other executive officers who actually own and operate the business. They also have excellent customer service by email and the vendor of their product also offers excellent customer service by email and telephone during regular business hours. These features are unique to Global Resorts Network.

With Global you can take a tour of the product inventory prior to making a purchase commitment. There are no vouchers or additional fees or taxes attached to their luxury resort vacations - - simply request your vacation online and receive confirmation within 72 hours.

A few specific features that set Global Resorts Network apart from other opportunities such as Coastal Vacations are:

1. They are an actual company with physical offices.
2. They offer excellent customer support.
3. Their product is very easy to use and travel can be booked and confirmed within 72 hours completely online.
4. There is no manipulation of the actual product cost or pricing by independent reps.
5. The company processes and sends out commission checks either by FedEx or regular mail on a weekly basis.
6. There are no independent “groups” or call centers that make up their own rules as to how to conduct business and what commissions to pay or what fees to charge for their services.
7. Customized company sponsored web sites are provided free to Members with no monthly charges.
8. All Members must comply with company rules and guidelines for the good of the opportunity and those who choose not to will lose their Membership.

Advantages over the Coastal Vacations opportunity are plentiful and obvious for Global Resorts Network.

Those considering a new home business see Coastal Vacation’s many different ways of doing business, and many different prices being charged, as a red flag.

The fact that many independent groups operate within Coastal Vacations completely outside the guidelines of the opportunity and without sponsorship or approval from the business is also a red flag.

Record sales being reported in an opportunity by a few people does not necessarily reflect the quality of that opportunity, but may simply reflect a superior marketing effort.

My suggestion is, before joining Coastal Vacations or any other multi-level marketing or home business opportunity, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

If you find there IS no company, the product is “iffy” and hard to pin down, the cost to get involved fluctuates dramatically depending upon who you decide to do business with, there is NO customer service department or email or phone support, there are no company guidelines that are enforced or applied equally and equitably to all Members - - WATCH OUT!

An opportunity with these characteristics can easily end up costing you a lot of money and leave you “high and dry” with no profit.

Larry Owen has been marketing on the internet for the past 11 years and indicates that he has experienced all of the above. If you would like to contact Larry to find out more about Global Resorts Network you may send an email to:

You may also call 541-752-6291
or call toll-free 877-285-3089

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