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Only Optical Shooting is Absolutely Safe for Shooters


Optical shooting will remarkably support the training of professional shooters. US army retired marksmanship trainer says that every soldier should be taught shooting skills before having a single bullet actually fired. It will save time and money, and would definitely be safe for everyone. He says that the results of optical shooting training are tremendous based on his experience from many years.

“Shooting skills should be taught and verified before one bullet is actually fired”, argues SFC Rand D. Bentson, a U.S. Army retired competitive shooter and marksmanship trainer. It would be incredibly advantegeous for the US Army to widely adopt the optical shooting system, which has already benefited the US Army and other elements of the US Department of Defence. By using the Noptel system soldiers can receive quality marksmanship training before one live round is fired, which is especially beneficial in the Initial or Basic training environment, says Bentson, a US National Record setting Hi-power shooter and coach.

Rand D. Bentson, also a Distinguished Rifleman and member of the President’s Hundred, has trained thousands of soldiers with the Noptel system from basic training to Special Operations soldiers in the US Army. “I have seen the success that the Noptel training system helped to bring my own Army team. After the first full year of training with the system we went on to win 47 individual titles, 21 team championships, and set 4 National Records. I have seen the system help everyone from the new recruit in basic to experienced US Special Operations Snipers improve their shooting skills; many dramatically,” Bentson remarks.

Most shooting programs don’t actually teach soldiers how to shoot, before they are really shooting. Bentson, however, declares that ideally fundamental shooting skills need to be taught and verified before any “live-fire” training takes place. If the prospective marksmanship trainer can see and know what the soldier is actually doing while initial training is taking place, any potential problem or challenge can be fixed before it becomes a bad habit. That also saves valuable time and resources, because with the optical shooting, quality marksmanship training can occur almost anywhere.

He says that even a small, initial investment in optical shooting systems would pay off dividends for years to come. A device like the ST2000 Marksman could revolutionize basic training marksmanship instruction. This device could replace every other training device currently in the Army system and instantly create a uniform, logical training standard, Bentson mentions.

Bentson’s favorite device is the ST 2000 Miltrainer, which can be used indoors or outdoors and can also be used for actual live fire out to 300 meters.

No bullets involved in training

From a military standpoint it is very important that training can take place everywhere as ranges and ammunition may not always be readily available. Also, new recruits can learn the critical skill of marksmanship in a totally safe environment, as initially no bullets are involved in the training until confidence and safe weapons handling have been taught and enforced, Bentson affirms.

With the comprehensive capabilities and flexibility that the optical shooting system offers, the Military shooting instructor is only limited by his skill level and imagination as to what marksmanship training can take place, he concludes.

In order for training to be efficient and effective, it must also be progressive. The optical system incorporates and allows for this progressive nature of training. Soldiers gain confidence with their weapons and are instructed in and master safe weapons handling before live ammunition is introduced into the training. When a marksmanship training scenario involves a greater degree of risk (i.e. fire and maneuver), the system can allow the exercise to be practiced in a safe manner until the risk is minimized, Bentson says.

The optical system can also be a great alternative when inclement weather cancels a shooting range. With the optical system you can train “right where you are”; no transportation or special facilities need be arranged.

The Noptel system can graphically display the entire shooting process and how each part interacts with each other. The result of shooting is a parallel process of shooting factors that interact with and are completely dependant on one another for success. These shooting success factors are hold, aim and trigger control. If you know what the soldier is doing during this shooting process, correct and timely corrections can be made.

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