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Nikon releases the ”ECLIPSE Ei“ educational microscope for remote teaching and enhanced learning experience


Nikon Corporation (Nikon) is pleased to announce the release of the ECLIPSE Ei educational microscope, designed for intuitive operation and an improved learning experience.

The ECLIPSE Ei’s Online Guide provides quick and easy access to tutorials, empowering students to learn independently. The ECLIPSE Ei also features a streamlined design focused on intuitive operation to further remove the learning barrier for first-time users. Images can be easily shared with fellow classmates, whether it be in-person, or remote, when combined with the Digital Sight 1000 microscope camera and optional NIS-Elements L imaging software. By providing an intuitive learning experience, the ECLIPSE Ei enables students to focus on the wonderful discoveries seen through the microscope.

Development Background

One of the main driving forces behind innovation in science and technology is ”curiosity“. Leveraging this natural curiosity is particularly important in the field of education for capturing and sustaining the students’ interest. Additionally, there is a growing need for new communication tools that empower students to share their experiences and to support online/remote education following the spread of COVID-19.

To meet these needs, we are releasing the ECLIPSE Ei educational microscope, which can be easily configured for remote education.

Release Overview

Product Name: Educational Microscope ECLIPSE Ei

Main Features1. Online Guide for easier, independent learning

The ECLIPSE Ei’s ”Online Guide“ is a mobile-friendly, web-based operation manual featuring video tutorials and images. The guide can be quickly accessed on a mobile device by scanning a QR code on the microscope. This easily accessible guide empowers students to learn how to use the microscope independently and is a useful resource for reviewing microscope operation guidelines.

2. Combine with a digital camera for remote education

By combining the ECLIPSE Ei and the optional Digital Sight 1000 microscope camera, instructors and students can easily share specimen images using a large monitor or tablet PC and projector, enabling an entire classroom to share in the moment of wonderment and discovery of the microscopic world.

In addition, microscopic images can be shared with other PCs or mobile devices by connecting the ECLIPSE Ei to a tablet PC and the optional NIS-Elements L imaging software. These images can be easily shared through video conferencing platforms for virtual teaching.

Digital Solutions provided by Nikon foster the fun of learning and capture the curiosity of students.

3. Intuitive design for easy learning and teaching

The ECLIPSE Ei features an ergonomic design which encourages natural posture when using the microscope and minimizes fatigue. Operating components are strategically color-coded and labeled with easy-to-understand illustrations for a seamless, intuitive operating experience. The unique design not only improves ease of teaching but also allows students to quickly understand how to operate the microscope on their own.

Illustrations show users which stage handle to use to move the stage in X or Y direction, minimizing confusion and hesitation.

Condenser aperture positions are color-coded* to match the labels on each objective. This color-coding allows users to quickly optimize the condenser aperture position for the objective lens they are using, resulting in higher quality images every time.

  • *Colors are based on the international standard for ”objective magnification colors“.

4. A compact design to save space and improve portability

The ECLIPSE Ei features a compact, lightweight design (approximately 5.2 kg) to improve portability. The unique design also features strategic curves and hollows that allow users to quickly and stably carry the microscope. Despite being lighter, the ECLIPSE Ei is designed to withstand rough handling and provides a stable platform for viewing microscopic details. An integrated holder for the AC adaptor and a cord wrap system ensure users never lose power cords. These features combined result in streamlined workflows for setting up the microscope at the start of the lab session and quick storage at the end of each session.


Optical System - CFI infinity optical system

Illumination - High luminescence white LED light source; 45mm diameter filter can be installed.

Eyepieces (F.O.V., mm)

  • EC-E CFI 10X (20)
  • E2-CFI 15X (12)*

Objectives (NA/W.D.)

  • CFI BE2 Plan Achromat 4X (0.1 / 25mm)
  • CFI BE2 Plan Achromat 10X (0.25 / 6.7mm)
  • CFI BE2 Plan Achromat 20X (0.4 / 3.7mm)*
  • CFI BE2 Plan Achromat 40X (0.65 / 0.6mm)
  • CFI BE2 Plan Achromat 60X (0.8 / 0.25mm)*
  • CFI BE2 Plan Achromat 100X Oil (1.25/0.14mm)*

Condenser - Abbe condenser, NA 0.1~1.25, Color-coded position guide markings for aperture corresponding to objective magnifications

Observation Method - Brightfield

Fungus-proof treatment - Antifungal paint is applied to the optical system

Weight (approx.) - 5.2 kg (binocular set), 5.5 kg (trinocular set)

  • *Optional

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