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Coronavirus Crisis: How to Boost Immunity by Avoiding these 10 Chemicals

New York, NY – WEBWIRE

As people deal with the unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic, many wonder what can be done to enable the immune system to fight off this infection and not allow it to become serious.
The CDC has certain clear recommendations to follow, but there are other less verified suggestions about the use of vitamins C, D, and zinc supplements, along with some possible herbal remedies.
Recent Google search trends indicate more and more people are searching for terms such as “How to Boost Your Immune Systemic in the Time of COVID-19,” “Foods that Boost Your Immune System,” or “Supplements that Can Fight COVID-19.”
“Having had done my research about what we put inside and on our bodies, I came across some medical articles that show that many chemicals we’re daily exposed to, in one form or another, can actually decrease our capacity to fight infections,” said Dr. Marcela Popa, M.D., the author of the book “Keep Away from GRAS—Generally Recognized As Safe,” and founder of Healthy Strategies Consulting. “For the same infectious agent, some individuals develop a mild form, while others a dramatic one. Sure, the genes, age, and underlying health conditions have a strong say in these. We clearly learned that smoking contributes to more severe infections, but how about air, water, and soil pollution? How about pesticides and other environmental factors? Can they play a role?”
Dr. Popa recently published an article in and a post titled We Can Boost Our Immunity Even in the Fight Against COVID-19 by Avoiding these 10 Chemicals, which details that the products we use every day give us exposure to numerous synthetic chemicals that can alter our immune system, making us more prone to infections and less able to fight the unseen pathogens.
How do these chemicals affect the response to infectious agents? They can limit the function of scavenger cells (macrophages), can impair the white cells that fight germs (neutrophils, B and T lymphocytes, and natural killer cells), and they can decrease the production of antibodies in response to infection and even after vaccinations. 
Both the website,, and the book, Keep Away from GRAS/How Safe Everyday Products Are Making You Sick and Simple Strategies to Recover Your Health,” have a lot of information about ingredients incorporated in everyday products, that may be linked to some health conditions including infections. Many symptoms people suffer from may be connected with exposure to ignored synthetic ingredients and eliminating these components may result in relief. As people learn about these chemicals, this knowledge should be shared with their treating doctors, especially if refractory health problems have resisted medical diagnosis and/or treatment. 



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