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Nuggets® Sadia: Myths and Truths

Brand product is made with 100% chicken breast and has been present in Brazilian meals for more than 30 years; Flavor, versatility and practicality are food differentials.


Sadia was the pioneer brand launching the Nuggets® Sadia chicken breads for more than 30 years. It is recognized for its taste, texture, versatility and practicality. Still, the product is the subject of myths related to the way it is produced, especially its composition.

According to BRF research and development director Fabio Bagnara, one of the main myths is associated with the part of the chicken used for the production of the Nuggets®. “The only part used in the production of Nuggets® Sadia is the chicken breast, ensuring the superior quality of the product,” he explains.

“Our goal is to deliver more and more convenience and convenience to the consumer, always accompanied by the superior flavor and quality of Sadia, which is already recognized by the Brazilian,” says Cecilia Alexandre, executive marketing manager of Sadia. The Sadia Nuggets® are marketed in the Traditional, Cheese, Vegetable, Crunchy and Multigrain versions.

Check out the myths and truths about food:

The nuggets ® Healthy are produced from shredded chicks.

MYTH - No, the product is not produced from the grinding of chicks. In their production cartilages, nerves and bones of the chicken are also not used, as many people believe. The Nuggets® Sadia are made with 100% chicken breast.

What part of the chicken used to produce the Sadia Nuggets ® is the chicken breast?

TRUTH - Yes, the chicken breast is the only part used in the production of Sadia Nuggets®. In addition to ensuring flavor and quality, the chicken breast is responsible for the appearance of the mass of the product being soft and white.

Nuggets ® Healthy are rich in protein.

TRUTH - In a standard serving of 130 grams (in the case of Nuggets® Traditional Sadia - 6 units), the amount of protein represents 25% of the recommended daily intake, based on a 2000kcal diet.

Nuggets ® Sadia must carry the skin of the chicken in its composition.

MYTH - Sadia’s Nuggets® use only skinless chicken breast. The use of chicken skin in breaded products is not mandatory, so Sadia decided not to use it in the Nuggets®.

Every Nuggets® has at least 10% protein and at most 30% carbohydrates.

TRUTH - Yes, Nuggets® Sadia fully complies with the regulations of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply, which states that breaded products have at least 10% protein and at most 30% carbohydrates. Sadia Nuggets® has on average 14% protein and 17% carbohydrate in 100g product.

In the process of breading , every Nuggets® carries egg and milk powder.

MYTH - In the process of breading, Nugget® Sadia uses a liquid mixture composed of water, cooked wheat flour, salt, seasonings and xanthan gum, guaranteeing the viscosity necessary for the coating to adhere properly to the product. The product’s coverage is made of wheat, rice and corn flours, ingredients that bring flavor and help in the formation of a crunchy, golden and tasty crust.  

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