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Calling all 5G supporters!

Letís 5G!, a Verizon-led initiative, seeks to bring 5G to communities faster


Letís 5G!

5G is here and it will change everything. 2019 is the year 5G goes from blue-sky potential to concrete reality for millions of people and businesses across the country.

As leaders at Verizon, weíre thrilled to see years of detailed planning, testing and collaboration come together to yield a true 5G network thatís available today for both consumers and businesses. But weíre more than business leaders. . .weíre just as excited as parents, neighbors and active members in our communities to see how 5G will positively impact lives Ė in places like schools, hospitals and local businesses. 5G has the potential to make really big waves in exciting and life-enhancing spaces such as artificial intelligence, education, healthcare, robotics,†virtual reality,†augmented reality,†autonomous vehicles, wearables and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Take a moment, step back and imagine if you were around during the emergence of the industrial revolution, when the first, simple steam engine was used to pull water from coal mines, or if you were present at the dawn of personal computing.† We all know how these things have changed and helped improve the world. Can you even imagine a world today without the Internet?† We fully believe that 5G can be just as powerful, as an agent of change, and not simply as a technology upgrade. Itís a network that will help reduce the carbon footprint, and bring new jobs and new opportunities for learning.† Itís a network thatíll offer societal benefits in a myriad of ways.

We know that there are lots of questions about a network that can support more than two million connected devices in a square mile while offering up to 20 times faster download speeds compared to 4G. It is our responsibility to listen to and respond to these questions.

As we deploy this great new network, we encourage local residents, community organizations, businesses and others to help us.† Weíre inviting you to be a part of the†Fourth Industrial Revolution.†

Join our effort, calledÖLetís 5G!†Itís a simple, powerful platform that weíve created to provide easy to digest information about 5G, while also connecting local residents and businesses to their elected officials who are making decisions about local 5G deployments. Itís an opportunity for anyone who wants to be part of this revolution to join together in rolling out the next-generation of wireless technology.

Weíre excited about 5G, and want you to be as well. Letís 5G! is not a marketing gimmick.†When we say 5G, we mean 5G, and we are committed to building a network that will support unique experiences for our customers, rather than simply deliver more of the same with a new name. This is hard work, and weíre dedicated to that goal. Weíre in the middle of a multi-year journey to bring 5G to consumers and businesses. Join us and Letís 5G!

Weíre confident that our new effort will help highlight a once-in-a-generation technology that will transform how we live, learn, work and play. Itís exciting, so come see what itís all about.

Letís 5G!

About the Authors: Ronan Dunne is president of Verizonís Consumer Group. Tami Erwin is president of Verizonís Business Group.

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