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Yuvee announces biography internet maps, with the release of bio maps on Elon Musk and Taylor Swift

Yuvee announces biography internet maps, with the release of bio maps on Elon Musk and Taylor Swift that put a whole range of biographical information from around the Web at anyone’s fingertips

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Screen capture of the Taylor Swift biography internet map
Screen capture of the Taylor Swift biography internet map

Tim Higginson, founder of Yuvee, says: “We’re really exciting about the biography genre of internet maps at We think they are a superb example of the power of internet maps to give us all a richer experience of content on the Web. We hope you enjoy these two bio maps on Elon Musk and Taylor Swift. Each of which was made by a student on the cloud app and platform."

Yuvee announces a biography genre of social internet map with the release of two bio maps, one on Elon Musk at, and one on Taylor Swift at
Biography internet maps put a whole range of information and content from all over the Web about the person at anyone’s fingertips. The information and content can be links to the subject’s inventions, music, speeches, videos, blogs, news articles, twitter feeds, business and personal life, online encyclopedia entries, and much more.  Anyone interested in getting a unique story through a curated set of resources from around the Internet on these subjects can go to these maps to instantly tap into a wide range of relevant content from all over the Web with essentially no effort.  

The curation is done by each map maker, and involves creative and organizational thinking and making.  The map maker finds and selects content from around the Internet, and then determines how best to organize it into the structure of WebHub’s internet maps, which are multi-dimensional.  The map maker then annotates the content, selects map art, selects map color schemes and adds additional map notes and related connections.  Each map also includes a legend panel where the map maker can add additional information about the map and also a bio of the map maker and related social connections so that people who visit the map can learn about who made the map.  All this rich content is what goes into WebHub internet maps and their unique user interface that is optimized for use on browsers on phones so that the maps are at all of our fingertips from our phones any time.

Elon Musk and Taylor Swift are fantastic subjects for bio Internet maps because their accomplishments are so exceptional, their stories so strong and the content about them across the Web is so distributed and rich.  And, they showcase how anyone can create a curated biography map that tells a story told by the map maker about the subject, and then share that map publicly.  
Internet maps at can be made by anyone, and can cover any topic.  Through the creative efforts of each map maker, relevant Web content content is organized and annotated in maps that, once made public, can be viewed by anyone and shared socially. 
Internet maps are important to the next generation Web because the best content is spread across places that grow in number everyday: Youtube, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vimeo, Periscope, Vine, Twitter, Instagram, websites, blogs, and on and on.  By compiling and organizing links to Web content from anywhere on the Web into an internet map, everyone interested in the topic has the map maker’s personal, highly expressive view of it at their fingertips, anytime, from any device.  The Web is so large that presenting search results in pages of lists means most people experience a tiny fraction of what is available.  Internet maps move away from the inefficiency of every one of us having to do a separate search, sift through lists on page after page of results generated by an algorithm, click on a few results, finally only to have it all go away when the search tab is closed.
Together, WebHub’s internet maps form a crowd-sourced atlas of the Web for the benefit all of us.
It is free for anyone to make an unlimited number of maps of their own on whatever topics are of interest at  They can collect maps made by other people.  The topics can be personal interests, business, student research, education, policy, news, entertainment, politics and anything else.

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