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A Closer Look at the Problem of Miami Divorce and Foreclosure

Clearly there are some factors involved with divorce that cannot be entirely avoided. People who end up facing divorce wonder if there is any good reason we buy houses.

We Buy Houses Miami
We Buy Houses Miami

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According to South Florida divorce attorneys Singer and Pistiner P.C, “More often than not, one of the key factors precipitating divorce is economic stress. Because of the economy and housing crisis, many South Florida divorce actions today also involve financial issues such as home foreclosures, bankruptcy and credit counseling. Many divorcing couples are not yet in the foreclosure crisis but are finding it virtually impossible to sell their marital homes but won’t be able to afford their mortgages after the divorce.“ More and more families are crumbling under the financial pressure associated with the South Florida housing crisis. Couples planning to get married are wondering why we buy houses? Miami has been one of the main epicenters of the recent economic down turn. There is a company on the horizon whose main goal is to help turn the housing market in South Florida around, one homeowner at a time.

Elio Avrilien and his company LIEN Property Solutions, LLC are making a positive impact on the housing outlook all over South Florida. Their motto is “We buy houses South Florida ”. They have experience dealing compassionately with families experiencing the pain of divorce. The ensuing complicated financial issues that surface when facing divorce are myriad and unique. If foreclosure is one of the financial nightmares placed in your path by a well meaning divorce attorney then consider contacting Elio and his team of experts at LIEN Property Solutions, LLC who offer a better solution to foreclosure by bringing cash ready real estate investors to the table.

When considering the effects on long-term financial decisions such as foreclosure doing research about all available options makes good sense. Children can often become the greatest casualty of divorce. The NASP  (National Association of School Psychologists) advises couples who plan to divorce to prepare wisely.  “Parents can best help their children by providing as many protections as possible early on in the divorce process, knowing that no one can control all those factors and no one can protect children completely from all risks.

”John E. Desrochers, PhD, ABPP continues: “When considering what children from divorced families need most, research indicates that most families experience a significant drop in income after a divorce. Money once applied to one household now supports two, and single mothers frequently earn less than single fathers. It is often impossible to stay in the same home, attend the same school, and have the same lifestyle that the family enjoyed before the divorce. This is a common and often unavoidable risk in divorced families because maintaining economic stability is clearly a protective factor for children.”

Clearly there are some factors involved with divorce that cannot be entirely avoided. People who end up facing divorce wonder if there is any good reason we buy houses. South Florida children of divorce, transition better if standard of living after divorce is as consistent as possible. One way to ensure that credit stays intact and opportunities for financing another home remain available is to work with a reputable business that can navigate the quick sale of your marital home for cash.

Foreclosure is most often not the best option.  Remember the motto “We buy houses”. Miami business owner and South Florida real estate expert, Elio Avrilien and his team at LIEN Property Solutions, LLC care about the individual and how your circumstance will affect your entire family.

Dealing with divorce is hard enough. Avoid the struggle of trying to figure out reasons why anyone else would say: “we buy houses”.  Miami has Mr. Avrilien ready and able to roll up his sleeves and iron out the details for you. LIEN Property Solutions, LLC is motivated to buy houses all around South Florida because cash in the homeowners pocket is always better than feeling forced to foreclose, jeopardizing the immediate future of your credit. LIEN Property Solutions, LLC helps people remember the importance of why elio always says: “we buy houses Miami ”. The Greater Miami Area can remember what it is like to have a thriving economy and stable housing market.  Economic improvements will surface when more homes are sold at a fair price and fewer homeowners are being strong armed into foreclosure.

Hassling with divorce lawyers and bottom line bank lenders cause many to lose faith in humanity. It is a welcome benefit to have a company in South Florida that is able to sell homes to real estate investors for cash, quickly and conveniently. Rest assured that LIEN Property Solutions, LLC also follows all guidelines outlined by the Better Business Bureau. Elio Avrilien has several years of experience with South Florida real estate and can represent your unique situation without extemporaneous costs. Working with him gives you the benefit of no lawyer fees, real estate agent fees or any other “hidden” costs. For more information about how you can benefit by working with the team at LIEN Property Solutions, LLC, contact Elio directly at (754) 800-4747. For a quick peek at all that Elio has to offer, visit his website at  You can also send an email with specific questions to: ElioBuysHouses [at] gmail [dot] com.

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