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Angelina Jolie missing premiere to “Unbroken” due to chickenpox. What can she do to speed her recovery?


Actress Angelina Jolie in a YouTube video announced that she cannot go to the premiere of the second movie that she has directed in her career, Unbroken.  “Unbroken” features the World War II hero Louiz Zamperini and is expected for world wide release on Christmas Day, 2014.

Chickenpox used to be mainly a disease of childhood but with current vaccination trends many are not being exposed till adulthood.  It is spread through contact with infected blisters and is also spread through the air when someone with the disease coughs or even breathes.  “The fact that Angelina Jolie did not make her premiere shows a sense of responsibility” says Dr. Yousef Elyaman, a primary care doctor and functional medicine expert that practices in Ocala, Florida. “She could have covered up her blisters with makeup, took ibuprofen for the fevers and still made the event.  However, doing that would put all those that attend her event at risk,” he explains.

Sunlight exposure has been shown to decrease the spread of the chickenpox virus probably because sunlight causes one’s skin to convert cholesterol into Vitamin D which has immune boosting properties. Despite this, Dr. Elyaman does not recommend sun exposure to open sores.  

If one does catch chicken pox he recommends taking vitamin D3 in the supplement form.  He cautions not to take more than 2,000 IU of vitamin D3 daily unless recommended by one’s health care provider.  “Sun exposure may decrease the transmission of chicken pox and may help the body fight the virus, however if you have open sores sunlight may increase scaring,” explains Dr. Elyaman who is also the founder of Doctor E’s Choice an online pharmacy grade supplement store.
Another supplement used to help fight against the chicken pox virus is the amino acid L-Lysine. This is thought stop the virus from spreading in one’s body.  
Once one catches chickenpox, it lives with that person forever.  The immune system keeps it from causing disease, but if the immune system weakens, the chickenpox virus can resurface and cause shingles.  Shingles can be a very painful condition but usually goes away.  However, some that experience shingles may end up with permanent nerve damage, resulting in chronic pain.
Keeping your immune system strong is important to prevent shingles from occurring for those who have had chickenpox in the past.   Ways of strengthening the immune system include eating a healthy diet (avoiding processed foods), regular exercise, and stress management techniques.
Doctor E’s Choice website, is an online supplement store that is dedicated to providing pharmaceutical grade supplements along with supplement education.


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