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New Book Gives You Need-to-Know Things to Stay Gluten-Free

Get to Know Gluten before Riding on the Diet Trend

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Have you heard about the new gluten-free diet? Perhaps you’ve had with tabloids flooding the pages of celebrity diets. This might have you thinking whether it’s just a fad diet that will eventually pass or the answer to those stubborn pounds you’ve been trying to lose.

Andrea Huffington’s new book, The Gluten-Free Slow Cooker Handbook; Start Slow Cooking Gluten-Free Meals Today For A Healthier You, tells that gluten-free diet is not simply for those who wish to ride on the trend, but also for those who wish to make a lifelong commitment to stay healthy.

Huffington, a Paleo diet guru, debunks assumptions that have long been surrounding the Gluten-free diet. With its rising popularity, food manufacturers have urged grocery stores to make space for their gluten-free products. With Huffington’s new book, you will discover that not all prepackaged gluten-free products can be trusted. Included in the book is a list of examples of safe and recommended gluten-free processed products that can be bought at the supermarket. Aside from that, the book also gives gluten-free ingredients that can be created in household kitchens.

In a study conducted by Dr. Davis, cardiologist and author of Wheat Belly, he observed that when patients removed wheat from their diet, they lost an average of 15-20 pounds in the first month – an astounding amount of weight loss considering that they only had to remove one type of food from their diet.

If weight loss is the main goal, The Gluten-Free Slow Cooker Handbook can be a guide to achieving just that. The diet only started out as a way for gluten-intolerant and Celiac disease patients to find relief from their symptoms. Because of its added advantage of providing countless health benefits to these patients, physicians from all sides of the nutritional spectrum have started taking notice.

The handbook will tackle more gluten related topics. Included are answers to questions like:

1.    I don’t even have gluten intolerance. Why should I do the gluten-free diet?
2.    When did the gluten-free diet become so popular?
3.    Is the gluten-free diet expensive compared to a regular diet?
4.    Is there a way to remove gluten from my diet without compromising my health?
5.    What gluten-free brands can I trust?
6.    How do I read food labels and make sure what I buy doesn’t contain gluten?
7.    What’s the best way to cook gluten-free meals?
8.    How can I manage to lose weight with the gluten-free diet without totally saying goodbye to my favorite foods?

Everyone knows it’s not easy to prepare for your own meals. With the exclusion of the lucky few who find joy in cooking, preparing a meal can seem tedious. You have to go to the grocery to shop for the ingredients, prep the items and cook the actual meal. This book will help you understand why it’s important to make your own meals. No amount of gluten-free granola bars or gluten-free muffins can compensate for the satisfaction you’ll feel when you’ve prepared a meal that’s not only gluten-free but also healthy.  It also pays to know how to cook to avoid the temptation of eating outside where there’s a chance you might ingest gluten. Included in this book are tips on how to stay gluten-free outside your home without damaging your social life.

A gluten-free diet is a lifetime commitment and it can affect a huge part of your life, mostly in a good way. Before completely cutting out gluten from your life and becoming a full gluten-free convert, you can learn more about gluten and the gluten-free diet by getting a copy of this book. You’ll find a lot of interesting topics in this book that will convince you to become gluten-free in more ways than one.

Mark your calendars because this book will be given away for free this coming November 8-9, 2014 only in Amazon.

Andrea Huffington is an author, professional speaker and health coach extraordinaire. She has struggled with being overweight since early childhood and had undergone progressively worsening diabetes. She found the Paleo way of eating and has never looked back. Today, she is a picture of health and wellness, and participates in triathlons and frequently gives talks on the subject of how the Paleo diet impacts sports fitness and emotional health.
She continues to give options to people who want to achieve a healthy diet.

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