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A Physicianís Alternative View of Ebola Crisis and Cure

Bringing Ebola patients to America is risking calamity like the recent CDC exposure of employees to anthrax. Here are some ideas for viruses that may help more than vaccines that are often hazardous.

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Too many people taking drugs to fight side-effects of drugs!
Too many people taking drugs to fight side-effects of drugs!

"Nature heals...let your food be your medicine." Hippocrates

Thereís no known cure for viruses because they are obligate intracellular organisms--they donít travel in the blood stream and arenít affected by antibiotics. Nevertheless, the body overcomes most viruses if we do the right things.

Dr. Richard Ruhling shares a personal experience. Working Emergency Room, he noticed symptoms of scratchy throat, head and body aches and chill--he was getting the flu. Taking a break, 20 minutes in a HOT tub got his temperature up to 102.5 followed by a cold shower that felt great and itís supposed to double the white blood countótwice as many soldier cells! He felt better, took no supper or medicine and when the patient load dropped at 11 PM, he did repeated the treatment. He was well by morning.

Ruhling got the idea from medical microbiology because they said many viruses are killed or arrested with fever--thatís why infants often get fever, but we stupidly fight fever with Tylenol instead of giving fluids which should be all thatís necessary for fevers under 104. Not pop; sugar lowers immunity.

Ruhling says if he had Ebola, he would fast or restrict his diet to fresh fruits and berries high in anti-oxidants--fasting enhances the phagocytic indexóthe ability of the white cells to engulf germs. He would also take charcoal tablets or capsules to adsorb toxins that the body is trying eliminate. Charcoal probably the best item for medicine cabinets, according to Ruhling, but we donít hear about it because it canít be patented to make millions for drug companies. In his 70ís, Ruhling hasnít take an Rx drug in 25 years.

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