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How to Improve Children’s Memory Revealed by Aussie Kids Coach


VICTORIA, Australia May 2014 – Training a child’s memory is one of the simplest ways to improve their performance in school. Boosting their memory’s capacity to retain and recall information as and when it is needed makes passing exams a breeze and boosts children’s confidence and self esteem. But, as with all new skills, the training takes regular practice and a bit of coaching and guidance to help kids live up to their full potential.

Successful studying, like most other things in life, is all about the child’s state of mind; their mental state, mental approach, mental toughness, and mental skills*. For instance, any form of bullying can be devastating to a child’s confidence and self-esteem, which can lead to a disruption in academic progress as well as contributing to behavioural disorders and even depression**.

Ian Davies from Aussie Kids Coach – an expert in children’s education – says, “To all the parents out there - I know when your child is being bullied it can be really concerning and frustrating, and leave you wondering what the right thing to do is. I do recommend you let the school know. If your child continues to be bullied and you don’t think the school is doing enough to stop it, then you need to consider looking for another school.

“You should also keep working with your child at home. Learn how to make education fun for your child - build their confidence, work on their resilience, and bring in a tutor if you think it’s necessary. In short, do everything you can to keep them positive and happy.”

Aussie Kids Coach, a company experienced in childhood learning, outlines four secrets on how to improve children’s memory:

1. Avoid stress.

The human brain can only handle so much, and the memory is just one aspect of the brain’s processes. If children suffer from any kind of stress, it can affect their memory processes. Students who are reviewing for their exams should avoid anxiety, keeping the brain and body relaxed, so they can retain and recall information. Stay stress-free by sleeping between seven to eight hours every night, eating healthy, and taking short breaks while studying.

2. Use a memory system.

This is particularly efficient when taking class notes and memorising information. The easiest is the 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week system, which makes use of bullet points or a numbering system when taking class notes, and revising these notes an hour, a day, and a week after. Now these notes should be locked into children’s memory for good. Another tip on how to engage kids in learning, is to encourage students to teach what they have studied to someone else. They will enjoy the process and find it easier to remember themselves once they’ve taught it to someone else.

3. Create or file mental pictures or images to remember things.

A car number plate OGE 274 will be much easier for kids to remember when they picture One Great Elephant with two monkeys, seven ostriches, and four crocodiles surrounding it.

4. Do mental exercises using thinking and memory.

Exercising the brain is one way to improve children’s memory. Encourage them to do crosswords, mental gymnastics, or math problems. Play electronic games such as Wii. Persuade them to learn to play a musical instrument or teach them to speak another language.

Aussie Kids Coach provides an exciting range of innovative educational products and services to help empower kids to celebrate and enhance their individuality and creativity. Using trivia questions and a myriad of educational resources, Aussie Kids Coach gives children the inspiration, courage and confidence to chase their dreams with passion. Ian Davies and his fellow coaches at Aussie Kids Coach run workshops in diverse fields such as ‘Youth Leadership,’ ‘Public Speaking,’ ‘How The English Language Works,’ and ‘How To Make Sense of Secondary School Maths.’

Discover the secrets on how to improve children’s memory, and more advice on how to make education fun for kids at


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