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New Frightening YouTube Prophesy:Beetle Apocalypse After 4 Blood Moons

Scariest Video Ever Posted

San Antonio, Texas USA – WEBWIRE

"...the truth in the video is undeniable. If you care to live in ignorance, it won’t matter much longer. If I told everything I knew about what’s coming I’d end up in a ditch, like a lot of microbiologists have lately.”

               Some have dubbed it one of the scariest YouTubes ever posted. Beetle Mania can be found at:


               Rick Tobin is the creator of this frightening message of beetles conquering the Earth and mankind. When interviewed, he was asked if this was meant as some obscene joke, so close to April Fool’s Day…or was he tying it to the current fears about the upcoming four blood moons.

              “You can take the message and my copyrighted photos of beetles however you want, but the truth in the video is undeniable. If you care to live in ignorance, it won’t matter much longer. If I told everything I knew about what’s coming I’d end up in a ditch, like a lot of microbiologists have lately.”

              When further pushed about that response he added, “There are four blood moons upon us soon. 2012 was the opportunity to change. We haven’t…not so much as a species. There are lights shining out over the darkness from the deeds of our race, but the blood moons bear the judgment, and the genetically modified beetles are ready for release.”

              This weird, disturbing prophecy seems a bit outlandish, even with a public that believes in ghosts and UFOs.  However, Mr. Tobin does have a background that should lend substantial weight to his claims.  “I studied the spiders of North Dakota for several years for the National Science Foundation, and then went on to prepare a career as a professional entomologist at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. I understand the process of change, evolution and species migration up and down the ladder of ‘ordem primarum.”  The female beetles are the progenitors of the new kingship.  I’ve worked for the Department of Defense, the Department of Energy and for agricultural agencies that plan for insect infestations and disease outbreaks. Those are facts.”

              Mr. Tobin could not explain how this new world order of bugs would occur, especially since there are not any beetles known to actively hunt down and feed on humans. His other YouTube videos about butterflies and emergency readiness seemed incongruent with this latest production.

              “You can doubt me, but there are rumors of experiments decades ago at Plum Island.  I fear even mentioning them. The Department of Defense wanted an insect weapon they could release on the battlefield that would be quiet and effectively destroy the enemy. It had to have a short lifespan and be sterile. The Tiger Beetle was chosen for its ferocity. Building 101 was the site used to manipulate their DNA until the beetles were the size of a grown man’s arm.  Unfortunately, three lab techs made a mistake one night. A single beetle butchered them.  The place was fumigated to the hilt and eventually had to be completely renovated. Most workers still won’t go in that wing.  You’d think after Operation Big Buzz and Big Itch that the DOD would have learned a lesson about insect warfare.”

              We found the tale a bit too weird, and noted to Mr. Tobin that no one will believe this six-legged apocalypse is on the doorstep.

              “Well,” he noted, “many of you didn’t believe in Climate Change either, or flying spiders…until the Argentinean airline found a mechanic bound to the underside of a commercial jet at 14,000 feet by giant webbing.  No, you didn’t hear about that either, did you?  They shouldn’t have flown over the Nazi labs in Uruguay.”

              We have not been able to reach Mr. Tobin for additional interviews since he posted his video.  All we know is that his books of science fiction, poetry and music are still listed on Amazon for sale.

Special note:  Since the initial publication of this story, officials have requested it be noted that this information is totally fictitious and should not be distributed any further.

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