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PHYTOCHEMISTRY – No need to be more difficult than what it already is!

Dominique Richard is outspoken about phytochemistry - "When reading information about phytochemistry, to be worth your time, it needs to be specific, complete and list the total plant composition."


New York, NY -  Dominique Richard has been a Master Phytotherapist for years.  As a world renowned expert, he has much to say on the subject of Phytochemistry.  “I am speaking to those who are passionate about studying and learning from nature’s pharmacy. When reading information about phytochemistry, to be worth your time, it needs to be specific, complete and list the total plant composition. Information should be presented with identifiable classifications and specificity,” states Richard.
He has compelling points of discussion for his reasoning. His experience has shown him that the information about any given phytochemical needs to be specific and complete. Currently, it is common knowledge that no international consensus exists regarding phytochemicals classification. Dominique Richard is questioning why others are making it more confusing by giving many names for the same phytochemical and then neglecting detailing specificity.
A prime example of this is the polyphenol, subclass flavone – Quercetin, of which there is in existence over 100 and still counting! To see this phytochemical listed, as part of any one plant phytochemical constituent breakdown, does not mean anything without the specificity of which quercetin it is. The reason biological specificity of each Quercetin is needed, is that some have complete opposite activity.

Dominique Richard can easily identify the many confusing names for any given phytochemical, “Isoquercetin is also known as Trifoliin, Isotrifolin, Trifoliin A, Isohyperoside, Isotrifoliin, which only belongs to the plant Trifolium repens but indeed is the same as Quercetin-3-glucoside (Isoquercetin). This is the result of some fanciful verbiage, creativity on the part of some authors perhaps wanting to look like they discovered something new, like that of a novel phytochemical, which it is NOT the case.” The same problem exists with common plant names with some having upward of three to twenty common different names for one given plant.
It would be nice to clean up this convoluted jargon mess, as it is far from practical, definitely not user friendly and sufficient enough to deter some from learning. For those of us who are learning and trying to remember all of this tiny nature’s pharmacology, it does not need to be more difficult than what already is!
Dominique Richard has been working on the Medicinal Embryonic Phytotherapy Encyclopedia. This work should be out in hard copy the first part of 2014.  It will be well worth the read! You can read more about Medicinal Embryonic Phytotherapy on the PSC Distribution website,


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