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Less Guilt, More Happiness Through Emotional IQ

Emotional IQ by Scot Conway is Free starting 10/11/12. Eliminate Guilt and Magnify Happiness using his unique Emotional Intelligence insights. So many women feel guilty over so many things when the tools to be truly happy are within easy reach.


Scot Conway, author of Emotional IQ, has a simple, powerful solution to Guilt.  He has a simple, powerful method to achieve Happiness.  Both are contained in his book, Emotional IQ, available for a very limited time as a Free Kindle eBook from  (

It is a global phenomenon that women all over the world seem to live unhappy, guilt-ridden lives.  No matter what freedoms are given to women, no matter the level of their success, this emotional reality follows them.  What is surprising is that this is true all over the world!  Given the incredible diversity in culture, how does that happen?  More urgently, what can be done about it?

Everyone, woman or man, who feels guilt well up within them or imposed upon them has a way out.  It takes high Emotional Intelligence and key insights not normally taught to any of us.  Dr. Conway provides those insights through his book, Emotional IQ.

Conway is available for interviews and additional information.  Email:


Marshall Goldsmith is one of the top executive trainers in the world.  His clients include CEOs and CEO-candidates all over the world.  His experience spans decades, crosses cultures, and, of course, includes both men and women.  His books are best sellers, his lessons are transformational, and his services very much in demand.
            Yet something he noticed surprised him: Women all over the world were riddled with guilt.  What was surprising was how much this was an phenomenon all over the world.  He ran into it in the United States, Europe, India… all over!  Discussing it with his colleagues, he discovered that they, too, noticed the same thing.  The longing of the heart of women all over the world was to have lives with Less Guilt, More Happiness.
            This seems to apply to women who stay at home, women who have jobs outside the home, women who volunteer, women who are extremely well-paid…. Somehow, it just seems to be a global condition!  How is that possible?  More importantly, what can we do about it?
            “Both sides need to be addressed, preferable at the same time,” says Scot Conway, author of Emotional IQ (  (NOTE: On 10/11/12, Conway’s book will be available as a Kindle eBook for free.) 
            Conway notes that he has seen a lot of work on “More Happiness” and unrelated work on “Less Guilt.” 
            “Reducing guilt helps take away some bad feelings, but it doesn’t automatically create happiness.  Important to the process of reducing guilt is actually understanding what it really means and where it’s coming from.  Without that, it will come back,” according to Conway.  “Guilt will kill happiness every time.  That’s just the way it works, and it works that way for a very important reason.”
            Conway explains Guilt through his concept of the Language of Emotions.  “Guilt means that you’ve violated one of your own highest standards.  You need to know how to figure out what those standards are, and in the case of a great many women, change those standards!”
            There is a system for Happiness, too, Conway says.  “By both increasing Happiness and reducing Guilt, the women Goldsmith encountered all over the world can live more fulfilling lives!” 
            Conway’s book is available for free. Download it at (Emotional IQ by Scot Conway,  Normally $9.97, this is an amazing opportunity to get started on a deeper, more positive life!
            Marshall Goldsmith has a substantial library of material that is also free.  It may be found at his website
            Conway also provides free resources at his own website,  There you will find articles, videos, and a free Emotional Intelligence Assessment.
            Conway’s work on Emotional Intelligence is groundbreaking.  He teaches a concept called Language of Emotions.  In short, emotions have meaning.  In broad categories, emotions come in two basic forms. 
            “Emotions of Duplication” say “Do that again!”  There is a little bit of art to finding out exactly what to duplicate.  All of us have had the experience of doing something a second time and not quite having the same feeling.
            “Emotions of Change” say “Something must change!”  Conway explains “The most common things that needs to change is ‘me.’  Even when something outside needs to change, in order for me to get it to change, I must do something different.”
            “Each emotion has it’s own unique and specific message.  Fluency in the Language of Emotions leads to Emotional Genius.”
            The model Conway uses for Emotional Intelligence is PUMU: Perceive, Understand, Manage, Use.  “The Language of Emotions dramatically increases your ability to Understand.  That, in turn, helps you perceive, manage and use emotions.  It’s built in to the system.”
            Conway is giving his book away on for free starting Thursday, 10/11/12 and ending on Monday, 10/15/12.  It is well worth the retail price.  However, you can save $10 by getting it right now.  Greatly increase your Emotional Intelligence with Emotional IQ by Scot Conway,


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