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(York Thursday 20 September 2012) Have you ever worked really hard on an article, reviewed it backwards and forwards, and then after submitting it, been shocked to discover one glaring error after the next? Here are 8 tips to help you accurately proofread your articles shared by the article submission site

1 – Change the font and the color of the finished article that you want to proofread.  The idea is to fool your brain into thinking that it is reading an unfamiliar piece of content, rather than the one that you’ve read so many times that you’ve almost committed it to memory. If your article appears unfamiliar to you, you’ll have an easier time spotting errors.
2 – Proofread a printed version of your article. Print your article on a piece of paper so that you can hold it in your hands. This is another method for helping you to distance your mind from the article that you’re so familiar with, so that you’ll have the objectivity to spot grammar and spelling issues.
3 – Read your article out loud, slowly and deliberately, making sure to pronounce each word. By reading the article out loud in a deliberate way, you force yourself to deal with the article as it is really written and not how you imagine or remember it to be.
4 – Read your article backwards. You simply read the last sentence of the article first, then the second to last, and on up. You’re basically taking one sentence at a time out of context, so it makes you really consider whether each sentence has proper grammar and spelling.
5 – Take time away from your article. If the problem is being overly familiar with the piece of content that you’re trying to edit, then the natural solution is to get away from it for a while so that when you do come back to read it, it feels like you’re reading it for the first time. A 24 hour break is usually sufficient to get the necessary distance.
6  - Get someone to proofread your work. Having another person proofread your work is ideal. If you do happen to have a person with sharp editing skills nearby though, by all means ask for his or her help.
7 – Each word has to earn its spot in your article. When you look over your article, ask yourself “Does my article really need this sentence to make sense?” Being aware that each sentence and word needs to have a purpose in your article will help you to streamline your content and make your overall message more clear.
8 – Write as simply as possible. Some people have larger vocabularies than others, but if you want to make your article more helpful to more people, try to write in a way that most people can understand without breaking out their dictionaries. Did you know that newspapers are written on a 2nd grade reading level?

The article marketers, state that proofreading your articles is absolutely essential because once your article is published on someone’s website, you may not be able to make any corrections at that point. The errors are just out there for all the world to see. Also, an overabundance of errors may cause your article to be declined outright at the publisher level.

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