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New Advanced Self-Defense Book Explains Why Karate Students Get Beat Up By Street Thugs And How To Not Let That Happen To You

If you’ve ever taken a traditional martial arts class, you probably spent most of your time doing step-by-step, mechanical techniques. According to the author, this is just the beginning. Learn more, and find out how to get it free for 5 days only.


SUNBURY, PA., Sept 17, 2012 – Internationally recognized self-defense and workplace violence expert, Jeffrey M. Miller’s new book titled, “Advanced Self-Defense Combat Tactics” will be a huge slap in the face to a lot of karate and traditional martial arts programs across the nation and around the world. The new book, which is available on Amazon for the Kindle, explains why most people are not prepared to survive a real-world attack on the street, in their homes, or on the job... even if they’ve taken Karate, Kung-fu, Tae Kwon Do or any number of other martial arts or self-defense programs. The book, which can also be read on computers, smartphones and other devices using Amazon’s free Kindle reader app software, tells serious students of self-defense not only what they can do to better prepare themselves should something happen, but also how to use strategic thinking and critical principles and concepts to actually control an attacker and a violent situation just like a real self-defense expert.

If you’ve ever taken a Karate or Kung-fu class, or even a self-defense class at the “Y” or in college, you probably spent most of your time doing step-by-step, mechanical techniques that you were required to learn in order to earn a belt or certificate of completion from the course. According to the author, this is only the beginning of the learning process. “Even the sparring in these classes, or the sport violence seen in MMA matches doesn’t come close to what most people want and need,” says Miller, who once cheated death when an assailant trying to wrestle his handgun away from him pulled the trigger, causing the 45 caliber bullet to miss his head by less than an inch. “For starters,” says Miller, "there are no rules on the street. And, more importantly,” he adds, “most people don’t want to become animalistic bruisers, or the next UFC superstar.” “They want to know how to get out of a violent situation quickly and easily, and with the least amount of wear-and-tear on themselves in the process!”

As part of a special promotional period, “Advanced Self-Defense Combat Tactics,” will be available FREE for 5 days beginning on Wednesday, September 19th and running through midnight on Sunday, September 23rd, 2012. Anyone interested, can get their free copy of the book directly through the Amazon Store at: Miller says that even though the book is currently priced at just $2.99, the free promotional give-away is being done as a way to make sure that the book is available to as many people as possible, therefor making the world a little bit safer. He also says it’s also being done as a way to celebrate his daughter Trinity’s birthday. Trinity was born just days after the tragic events of 9/11.

One reviewer of the book said, “Thankfully, this is not another “How to Punch and Kick” book. It’s much more. This is a principle-based approach to self-defense, teaching you how to observe your environment and analyze threats so that you stay 5 steps ahead of any attacker.” Another said, “The author goes beyond the twin traps of blind faith to tradition, and macho ’just crash-n-bash’ aggression, to show some of the basic principles that create successful self-defense. These principles transcend style and form, and Mr. Miller gives ideas for practicing them that can be used by martial artists of any system, if your goal is to succeed outside the sports arena where the rules of your fight game don’t apply. In my own limited experience I have found that his approach gives the ’why’ behind the techniques that allows them to work much better when the situation gets off-script.”

And still another reader summed it up by stating very plainly: “If you’re looking for simple punching/kicking techniques so you can go out and “trash bozo’s,” this book is not for you. If you’re a serious student of martial arts who wants to move beyond the physical dimension so you can understand the dynamics of an attack, this book IS for you. If you’re considering studying martial arts, and you’re uncertain how you might actually use it, this book is for you, too.”

Jeffrey M. Miller SPS, DTI, is owner and CEO of Warrior Concepts Int’l, Inc. in Sunbury, Pennsylvania. He is a former private investigator, undercover black market and drug enforcement investigator, and federal law enforcement officer. Jeff’s real-world experience dealing with violent criminals and aggressive individuals, both as a law enforcement and security professional and private citizen, has taught him more about what’s really needed to survive a violent assault than most students and teachers of conventional martial arts classes learn even after decades of training. Jeff regularly conducts training courses for, and serves as a speaker and presenter to schools, hospitals, and other organizations looking to keep their people safe when the unthinkable happens. He is also an expert witness and case consultant in the areas of self-defense, security and workplace violence, and assists legal professionals in evaluating cases involving physical violence and/or self-defense action.

If you’d like more information about this topic, or to see other book and self-defense video titles, visit his website at:  To schedule an interview with Jeffrey Miller, he may be contacted through his office at 570/988-2228 or e-mail Jeff at   His CV is available upon request.


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