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New Report reveals techniques to reduce chances of golf injuries in 5 minutes or less

Pain can hinder even the most dedicated golfer. These stretches and functional warm-ups can reduce a golfers chances of injury and even improve their scores. Inside you will find: 1) golf specific stretches 2)functional warm-ups for golf and more!


Pain can hinder the most dedicated golfer.  Whether it’s the lower back, shoulders, elbows or wrists, a new report reveals some tips to reduce a golfer’s chances of injury and may even improve their game.

The new report, Stretch for Golf in 5 Minutes or LESS, is a compilation of golf specific stretches and functional warm-ups that allows a golfer to properly prepare before hitting the golf course or range. 

Written by Dr John DeWitt  a Golf Injury Specialist, Advanced Sports Nutrition Specialist and Chiropractor in Huntington Beach, CA, this new report reveals the common mistakes golfer’s make that can lead to inaccurate golf shots, poor golf swing mechanics, pain and ultimately injury. 

The report is broken down into three parts:

Stretches for Golf
Dr DeWitt covers the stretches necessary to properly loosen up the muscles and joints utilized during the game of golf.  The doctor goes on to share the particular muscles that, when tight, can throw off the biomechanics of the body and the swing. 

For example:  He covers how tight muscles in the lower legs can make it difficult for a golfer to maintain a proper “spine angle” during the golf swing.  The “spine angle”, he explains, is the angle a golfer’s spine makes as seen from the side.  Dr DeWitt points out that most Pro golfers realize that having an inconsistent “spine angle” makes it almost impossible to hit accurate golf shots on a consistent basis. 

Functional Warm-ups for golf
The Doctor explains some simple warm-up activities that can be performed before golfing as well.  Unlike stretching, these warm-ups are meant to get more blood into the muscles allowing for safer muscle contraction resulting in more powerful shots.

Example:  Dr DeWitt discusses the importance of the hip turn in the golf swing.  Lack of flexibility in the hips can lead to golfers hitting the ground in front of the ball during the downswing or “hitting it fat”.  Utilizing the hip turn warm-up discussed in this report, the golfer is able to get his hips “through the shot” properly allowing for optimal shots that are safer as well.

Strengthen These NOT Those
This section of the report covers what muscles to strengthen to ensure quality, consistent golf shots  and which should be stretched instead. 

For Example:  Bulky shoulder muscles can lead to inflexibility which reduces the “swing arc” of the golfer, says Dr DeWitt.  The “swing arc” is measured in what Dr DeWitt calls the “Training Zone”.  This is seen when viewing the golfer from the front during the golf swing.  A clock face is imagined with the golfer’s shoulders at the 3:00 and 9:00 respectively.  Poor shoulder flexibility causes an amateur golfer to only be able to get his front, extended arm, up to the 9:00 position during the backswing before flexing the elbow which narrows the swing arc and reduces power. Most PGA golfers can extend that to almost 12:00 which, the doctor states, adds more power and distance to their shots.

In Summary, there are millions of dollars spent every year on golf equipment and apparel.  This very affordable report should be a welcome addition to any golfer that wants to take 5 minutes to optimize his or her golf game while reducing the chance of injury.  This translates into fewer games missed due to pain or injury and the ability to golf well into the “Golden Years”.  It is available in the Kindle Format on

For more information, or to contact Dr DeWitt with specific questions go to


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